Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Holiday Fun

We invited Tirzah and Aaron over for dinner. Kateri was so excited. She set up hernew tea set and some things and then went to wait by the door for them. I found her later asleep. Jack had napped on the way over and it was the best get together they've had. I'm thinking more naps might be in order. Kateri's set up.

I made beef tenderloin with 5 onion confit. It is very tasty and I luckily did not over cook it.

Tirzah and Aaron brought Twister for the kids-so we could watch them play. But the adults had fun too. I liked Pippin's version.

We rang in the new year at a friend's house. I didn't get many pictures and this was not blurry and I think Shane looks cute so there it is. The outdoor ones didn't turn out at all. The kids all had a good time- as did the adults-and we all were awake at 12:00. Not really an unusual thing for our kids.


Tirzah said...

Thanks so much for not posting some of the other Twister pictures. You know the ones I mean...

briana said...

Yes, I do. And you're welcome.