Monday, January 28, 2008

Why do I do these things...

I have come to realization that blogging is dangerous. At least for me. It seems without fail, I emerge from the library after finishing a post only to discover a new disaster that needs media attention. I've also found a lot of these events have a common theme- butter knives. They have come to be Kateri and Pippin's calling card. If you find one, you know who was there.

This time they opened two pakcages of macaroni and cheese and sprinkled them all over the coffee table. They are never this quiet. They didn't fight or make any noise. Not so unusual for partners in crime I guess. So for lunch they had just noodles with butter. In th midst of boiling them Kateri came walking into the kitchen carrying Pippin's diaper- which had been on his bottom- explaining it needed to be changed. It most certainly did so I had to quickly chase him down, clean him up, dispose of the diaper and its contents and by the time I finished the pasta was a little overcooked. But they ate it anyway.

So, why am I here again? Because days like this are more manageable if you are not alone. Or at least feel like you are not alone. And typing it all down makes it seem like you've shared the "load" and can now move on. Its very theraputic. And because I already talked to Tirzah today and Shane is not home. But he is on his way so I'd better pick up a little and make sure I got all the lovely cheesy sauce out of the cracks in the table. Audrey was complaining about the odd smell. Not sure how she could pick it out .It kind of fits in .

I was admiring Pippin's hair at lunch. Something about it seemed familiar. Then I realized it reminded me of Sinead O'Connor. Shane's been listening to her Theology album so I had seen her recently. She has a similar widow's peak. I wonder if she uses the 3/4" attachment too.

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