Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Cyrilism, a mess, and a bottle of rum- actually wine

Cyril sitting at the breakfast table after declining my offer of some toast

" You know why I don't eat very much?"

Me, very curious especially since he doesn't not eat very much "No, why?"

"Because a lot of times I just find food on the floor and I eat that. So then I'm not very hungry."

I was horrified that my kitchen floor could actually sustain a growing 7 year old boy and was wondering if he was referring to events like the one below when Kateri and Pippin decided to hack an apple into hundreds of pieces with butter knives- luckiliy they used a cutting board not the floor- and then I remembered they also dragged a chicken breast carcass off the cupboard where it had been patiently awaiting burial after I de-boned it.
But he continued,
"Like one time I found 30 nerds on the floor in my room and I ate them. Stuff like that."

I was gald he had the sense to not eat off the kitchen floor. You never know what you'll find.
The same night as the apple massacre they attacked a roll of toilet paper- I think stilll weilding butter knives. While all this was going on Shane and I were discussing family changes/rules in the library. I didn't take them long and they were really quiet about it, which was my first clue something was wrong. It gave me some ideas for new guidelines around the kids in the kitchen and bathroom.

I called the wine store we frequent to see if they had any of the wine we tried at the Salish and they said no but they could order some but it would be the 2004, not the 2003 we had. The next day Shane went to QFC and they had three bottles and they were all 2003. We might try some other stores to see if they have any left but we'll get some 2004 and see how it compares. It's only around $21. Unlike the Salish which charges $50.
I think the worm has turned, finally. This morning was the first morning in weeks where I didn't need to have two cups of thera flu in place of coffee. And I even had a latte so I am thinking we are on the other side now. I still had to steam Kateri in the middle of the night. Poor thing. The cough is really doing a number on her. The big kids seem almost normal and I think Shane's completion of Call of Duty 4 yesterday will give him the extra boost he needed.

So that means I will be able to leave the house someday and no more silly posts. Well that last part is probably a lie. Shane didn't believe me when I told him I posted pictures of a pizza box. But he thought it was ok when he saw them.

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