Monday, January 28, 2008

Some snow , a date, and a haircut

We had a very pretty snow fall last night. It came down like west coast blizzard. Which just means it actually snowed. It was very prett to watch and we figured it would melt by morning as is our custom so we were very pleasantly surprised this morning to see it still here and the roads covered. Shane stayed home long enough for it to get slushy and will come home before it gets cold again, which they say it will and we will get more snow tonight. The kids were pretty excited. Kateri got dressed and went out and came back with her boot- it had fallen off-filled with snow. She set it on the table, got two spoons, and called to Pippin to come share the feast. I guess he has a thing for snow. The first thing he said when he saw it this morning was "I can eat it." I was too lazy to put on shoes so here is a picture out the front door. We got at close to 3", which was more than they predicted. It was so funny to watch the news this morning. The reporter standing at a street corner reporting on Winter storm watch 2008,

"As you can see behind me it is endeed snowing. "-Camera zooms over her shoulder to show snow because you couldn't see it before-" It seems to pretty much be falling everywhere. You can see here the roofs and trees are definitely white. There is snow on the roads and drivers are being cautious"- it pans to the traffic on the road where cars are driving uphill with no slipping and going the almost speed limit-"Some people are taking extreme measures" video of a man walking his bicycle . "And with more snow on the way, tomorrow we can expect to see people in hats and gloves" and with any luck slipping on the ice. That would be news worth watching.

I cut shane's hair this morning and then Pippin insisted I cut his too. I can't use scissors on him so I just buzz his while head. It might not have been the best timing as he'll want to go outside and probably loose his hat but carpe diem. It was looking pretty shaggy.

Trudy and Ron volunteered to watch the kids over night again. We finally said ok. This time we decided to stay home and get some sleep. But we actually only came home to sleep. I had decided we'd not eat at home so it would feel like we were out. First we stopped at Arista's to pick up teh wine I ordered and a few extras Shane found. Then we went to Girardi's and had a leisurely dinner, a bottle of wine, coffee and dessert. Then we went to the movies and saw "I am Legend". Then we walked over to Starbucks and got coffee and to Godiva and got some treats. And then because we were not thrilled with the first movie and because we could, we saw Rambo. It felt like such a date. We could go wherever we wanted and stay out as late we wanted. But it was better because there was no curfew and nobody had to go home at night and we could appreciate the freedom more because it was so rare. Like sleep. You never appreciate it as much as you do after having kids. Or going to the bathroom alone, or eating a meal sitting down with two hands. It was really nice.

In the morning we got dressed and went down to the cafe at the bottom of our hill for breakfast and then to Trader Joe's. It is so hard to shop there with the kids. The aisles are so small and hardly big enough for one cart and no matter how you position your cart the little ones can always reach something. So it was a treat to go by ourselves. I haven't taken Shane to the Central Market in Mill Creek yet but that is fun too. And a lot roomier. Tirzah was telling me they have lots of little carts ,so the kids wouldn't have to fight over one. I could just picture all four of ours with carts. They probably would not let us come back.

This morning Shane and I started our new routine. Actually we started it last night by being in bed at 10:00. The kids liked the idea of mom and dad having a bedtime too. But it is necessary for the morning routine. Shane had the brilliant idea of us getting up early and working out together before he goes to work. A friend at work and his wife are doing it and Shane thought it sounded fun. Some friend. Actually, I have been in serious need of some form of exercise. And for the the first time in years I can plan on getting out of bed to do something, knowing Pippin will stay alseep. He doesn't wake up at night anymore but he is still in our bed. This morning Kateri crawled in before I got out which is good because then he has a warm body to snuggle and will sleep better. It worked out and we worked out and hopefully I'll be sore tomorrow. So we can do it again. Today was chest and back. I think tomorrow is plyometrics. Last time I think I fell over. Or that might have been yoga. But it was fun and it is nicer to work out together.

It is snowing again. Very small slakes but lots. Shane says he'll be heading home soon. And also that we are supposed to do 25 min of ab work out tonight. Side crunches are my specialty. Because I can't figure out how to do them and usually just succeed in making violent spastic twitching movements- like a slug being tasered. Can't wait.

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