Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Chefs, Kids Liturgy

I decided to make champagne chicken for dinner last night. The kids were already hungry and getting a little crabby so I decided we'd make it a group activity to keep busy until it was done. We set up work stations- Audrey and Cyril took turns pounding the chicken breasts, Kateri sprinkled the lemon juice and freshly ground pepper, and Cyprian sauteed the chicken pieces using tongs to turn them over. He likes to pinch things. It worked pretty well and came out very tasty. Their favorite part was when I opened the bottle of champagne. I had parely loosend the wire when the cork went shooting off and hit the ceiling while a fountain of champagne erupted from the bottle all over the counter. I let them each try a sip. Kateri grinned and immediatley said
" Oooh, this is the kind I love!"

Kateri and Pippin got into the icon dresser and decided to play Liturgy. It was cute to hear them chanting back and forth and ringing bells.
Kateris litany went

"Aaaaahhh nations, ahhhhh kingdom, IIIIIIIlove Grandma, AAAAAAAnd Grandma love me."

I started a loaf of bread this morning. The recipe uses beer so of course Kateri , who always helps, had to try some. All my measuring cups have disappeared so I had to use a baby bottle to measure it. maybe that made it seem more kid friendly. She giggled and said it was sour.

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