Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Monday

I woke up this morning around 6:00, for no good reason. I got out of bed about 6:45,because Malachi puked on my stomach. Nothing says rise and shine like vomit. He doesn't spit up often but seems to be doing it more of late. Maybe he's eating too much. Kateri has been coaching him on rolling over. Not as a weight loss program but because Kateri likes projects. He's almost there, which is pretty impressive given the amount of 'chuthers' he has to move. We love our corpulent cookie and all enjoy watching him try to get his heft moving. But so far he just succeeds in getting on his side and kicking and eventually scooching his body  360 degrees. Which is a good trick too.

I finally got a jumpy chair for him, in the hopes it would give my arms a break. At first I was overwhelmed by all the choices and couldn't decide which features I wanted and then what theme and how portable etc. Finally, Shane swooped in and picked the one with the highest reviews. Over one thousand Amazon customers can't be wrong, right? I think Kateri was the most excited about it. I could hardly stop her from shoving rod A into rod B, and only had to go back a redo a few steps after we read the directions. Malachi finds it to be mildly amusing. For about 10 min. I think he'll like it more as he gets bigger. I mean older. Too much bigger and his backside won't fit in the seat. He has actually found a toy he really enjoys- a flannel receiving blanket. He likes to hold and chew on them.
His fussiness seems to be diminishing. But he still likes to be entertained a lot. And his sleeping habits are not horrible conducive to a restful night for everyone. Last night was an early night at about 11:30. Which was preceded by  a poop. Every half hour for and hour and a half. After his second encore he was finally able to settle down and go to sleep. At least we know we are all clear for piano lessons today.

Shane and I spent the weekend fighting off colds. I was concerned when his carpool companion bagged out due to a cold on Thursday. Friday Shane sent me a note saying he was coming down with one. And that he's locked his keys in his truck. Last time he did that I thought I should get him a SlimJim to keep at his office. But I didn't. So he had to call AAA. I ran to the store next morning and got a bank account's worth of Chinese herbs. I'm feeling pretty good today. Shane is still sleeping but as his is a Man Cold I expect it will take longer for him. None of the kids are ill, so I am grateful and hoping it stays that way. All in all its not the worst start to week.


Kayleena said...

Michael has a bouncy chair too that my sister got (dumpster diving of all places, lol! But she sanitized it and it was barely used at all! How's that for skipping all the worry about buying "the right one"!) I am so impressed at how much Michael loves bouncing in it. He likes it much more than the girls did with this sort of thing. He's a crazy man when there is music playing!

Briana said...

I have not put batteries. His little reclining chair has toys and music. I finally had to make a muffler for it but there was no way to have lights without music. He hasn't figured how to get a good bounce going but I think he is a little young? Or too chubby and his legs get tired.

Briana said...

Oh, and way to go on the dumpster giving. I was shocked at how much some of them were.