Friday, February 8, 2013

Tootsie Roll

First Malachi is like this:

                                                              Then he's like this:

And then we all clap and applaud his hard work.  He's not wearing any pants. Some yeast decided to try and take up residence in his fat creases- I don't blame them, they are pretty spectacular and luscious as far a real estate and thighs go-so he's been going commando as much as possible. Now that he has learned his new trick we are all potential targets. Which the kids find pretty funny.

So the cold is still hanging on. Shane went to work yesterday and I woke up with a re energized version of what I thought I had already defeated. I might try and take a nap when he goes down. He does not seem to be coming down with anything but he is highly distractable  (spell checker says that is not a word, but they have not seen Malachi nurse lately). So I can't even use meal times to grab a rest. I might have to take down every picture and light fixture in the house. Or put blinders on him.

I finally made it to a hair appointment last week. It was nice to finally go. The kid cutting it grew up not far from where I did so it was fun to chat about how the neighborhood has changed over the years. He did a good job on the cut and will hopefully be there when I need to go again. Seems lately as soon as I find a stylist I like, they are moving.

I probably talked his ear off, but he probably didn't notice as the hairdryer was on a lot. I went out the morning before to grab a few groceries and came back feeling euphoric and chatty. It had been a few weeks since I'd gone anywhere. I hadn't realized how  stir-crazy I was feeling until I got out. But Shane was nice and listened to all the thoughts I'd collected on my short trip. With the cold now, I am content staying home. And as it is Friday am looking forward to Shane being home too.

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