Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did Someone Read My Mind?

So things are much better today. I was relieved to find that the pharmacist's claims of 'you'll start to feel a little better in 12 hrs' was an underexaggeration. I still felt under the weather, but not miserable after a few hours and gallons of water.

I asked Shane to stop and get me some probiotics on his way home, along with anything tasty from Whole Foods as I had no dinner plan or delusions that I would be able to by the time he got home. He said yes. Then I asked if we could take a sick day and watch Skyfall. He saw it in the theaters and liked it. I'm getting to be more of a homebody and prefer to watch movies when I have everything I might want at my disposal, including the ability to pause to change a diaper or lay the baby down once he falls asleep. Shane said sure.

The kids had been so helpful and independent while I was taking care of myself I thought they should get a little Lenten reprieve too. So Shane brought home the pills and some dinner and we did just that-Rise of the Guardians for kids upstairs, Skyfall for the parents and baby downstairs. And it was just the way I liked it. Pauses to get more blankets and change the baby. Or get a glass of water and whatever else I needed. It was very restorative and entertaining and just what I  needed. Usually it takes me until about midlent to weaken any Lenten resolve I started with and want to take a break. But illness has a way of speeding up that process. And there were elements of feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and other works of mercy.

We were back to our usual schedule today. I am starting to think Malachi did not have roesola. The rash is still there and could be eczema instead. Which sound weird to think of on a baby's tummy. We'll try some lotions/change of soap etc. And hopefully we won't have to get to changing my diet. He doesn't complain at all but its still sad to see the rough/dry patches on him.

And on the topic of medical ailments, I was very interested to read this article. I have not watched the TED talk it references but a phone app that can detect nitrates in urine sounds pretty amazing and I will watch it when I find it.

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