Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Bites

I like the idea of the Quick Takes Friday posts. An assortment of non sequiturs with no having to tie things together or make a point. Which on an under slept Monday morning seems just about right and could describe most of our days.

Speaking of under slept, the day I woke Malachi up earlier in the morning, he did indeed go to bed earlier- a whole 10 minutes earlier! So technically it was before midnight, but not enough to warrant me doing it again.

Malachi seems to be getting over his fussy-ness.  If you just walk, bounce, and hold him all day, he doesn't fuss. Unless you stop. Shane and I take turns walking and eating in the evenings when he's home. During the day the kids help take turns. but they don't last long and come back complaining of sore arms and backs. I still see no obvious tooth eruptions. My sister came over last week and brought some good teething toys, teething tablets, and some baby oragel. We took turns holding Malachi and taking turn at Scrabble. She called the next day to say her arms were sore.

Malachi hasn't pooped in a couple days. I'm really hoping he is not saving it for piano lessons. I am glad the piano teacher has kids too. Especially since Malachi doesn't feel lessons should call for a pause in his vocal protestations of whatever baby injustice he is experiencing at the moment. And I am glad the kids are practiced in the art of playing the piano no matter how loudly someone might be complaining. Though everyone might find it a little distracting if Malachi decides it time to evacuate his bowels. I'll pack extra everything.

I didn't have to reheat my coffee this morning but decided to just drink the last bit cold. I find some mornings I am in such a hurry to get a hot sip or two I end up burning my tongue. It's been sore the past 2 weeks.

I am finding it difficult to keep up the eating for  two. I should probably put snacks by the bed. I usually go to bed hungry despite multiple snackings after dinner. that might be due to the fact that I am still awake 6 -7 hrs after dinner.

That's all for now. Unless we get back from piano with a great poo story.

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Kayleena said...

haha; here's hoping piano lessons went well!

I've been meaning to comment on your blog for over a week now. Just to say 'hi' and let you know I'm thinking about you and the fussiness of Malachai. Since my baby is so easy, I keep thinking he's going to change and I'll be doomed. Since I'm used to him being so easy going. I told Mike the other day that, just watch, he's going to be a wild and crazy tot!

I know what you mean about eating enough. Even though I love to eat, and I'm not as thin as you :) I still go to bed hungry a lot. I find it hard to eat enough protein. I have to pass on the peanut butter because I think nuts are contributing to my migraines. My m.i.l just left us with some yummy lunch meat from Costco so I might start buying that again. In the past it would always go bad because no one really ate it, but this time both me and the girls gobbled it up! (Currently, I am munching on a cream cheese and turkey sandwich!)