Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Thursday

Today Shane forwarded me an email from his friend. To the group of friends who started out working together, have gone their separate ways, but still keep in touch and occasionally vacation together. It was a sob story about how he only has so much time to live and at the end of life what you look back on and remember are the times you spent with family and friends and in light of it being a new year he thought it would be a good time for them to show their loyalty to the group and  renew their commitment by promising to show up to every Thursday Call of Duty Black Ops online game.

When Shane got home I told him I'd read it and seeing his friend was terminal I thought he should play tonight. Also, I realized it has been a while since I've posted anything and figured it would be a good time to catch up. So, while Malachi nurses, I sit in bed with my Surface reminiscing over the past couple weeks.

Christmas already seems ages ago. Mostly due to the fact we took a trip just a few days after Christmas. We celebrated our 15th anniversary by going out to breakfast by ourselves and then seeing The Hobbit as a family. Shane and the kids had gone opening night so if the baby fussed Shane could take him out. But Malachi was very considerate and slept or nursed most of the three hours. We all really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next part.

While we were at breakfast we got a call from Shane's mom saying GG-  great grandma-was not doing well. The next morning the report was worse so we packed our over-night bags and made the 6hr drive to Oregon. Where we ended up staying  the next 5 days.

Sadly, we arrive at the hospital just a few minutes after she slipped away. As most of the family was already gathered it seemed best to try and arrange a funeral as quickly as it would be possible. Workers were found, funeral plans made, and three days later on New Years Eve,  we buried GG.

The sorrow at losing GG was off-set by the knowledge that she had led a long and full life. That she had left a legacy of children, grand children, and great grandchildren, and that she had been for some time been longing to meet her Saviour in 'Glory Land' as she said.

And for the cousins there was the distraction of staying together at a hotel with a  beach and a swimming pool. Being December the beach was not visited much. Shane took a few of the kids down but it just resulted it wet clothes, showers, and having to buy new shoes. So that was the end of that.

The day of the funeral I opted to stay at the hotel with Malachi. He was napping and the weather was not friendly to little babies. We had not packed for outdoor ceremonies and it seemed cruel to take him out in the elements. The big kids had warmer jackets, but even then the reports coming back were that it was bitter cold and windy, everyone was cold,  and I had made the right choice in keeping back with baby. So we stayed and then joined up with some of the family at Rogue Brewery. Which we had visited the day before as well after a trip to the aquarium.

That evening Shane took the kids swimming again. We tried some of the complimentary salmon chowder put out by the hotel each evening- it was very good- and the kids tried lots of the fresh baked cookies put out a little later. Then we set up for a New Year's Eve party complete with party hats, party blowers and poppers, and champagne. It really was fun all being together. And it was really fun because we had four rooms in which to spread out. Shane's brother took the boy nephews and they set up bachelor pad. His sister, Kim, was next door to our room and the kids had fun going between the two or calling each other on phone. Cyprian kept calling pretending to be a solicitor and asking if we had any credit cards he could have. And in the evenings we could pick out a movie from the lobby library, put the kids next door, and sit and have coffee or wine together. I was sad the first morning we were home because A-after 6 weeks of vacation Shane was back to work and B-I had to have breakfast and coffee without the usual company. And then there was C-listless kids not knowing what to with themselves. However, the cousins are coming here for a visit this weekend so parents can get a break and we are planning two birthday parties to fit in while they are here.

Cyril's birthday really is this week-end. Audrey's was 3 days after Malachi was born but got lost in the shuffle of new baby, bed rest, no sleep, and the holidays. So with the cousins here it seemed a good time to celebrate it. We'll all be together for dinners and playtime already. We'll just add cakes and candles and fit in as much celebrating as we can. Because life is terminal and these are the times we'll remember.

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