Friday, January 11, 2013

Frenotomy-Part II

Today I took Malachi back to the lactation consultant. His latch did seem a bit stronger since the visit by the craniosacral lady but I was eager to see if he needed anything else, get it done, and be done with it. I was a little bummed when it was snowy and icy yesterday. My car is not so great in bad weather and I didn't want to have to ask Shane to stay home or trade cars with me. Then Malachi was in a strange humor all day yesterday. Not his super chipper self, very clingy, and sometimes had almost a glassy-eyed sick look. When Shane got home he noticed it too and tried to cheer him up and get a smile out of him. Eventually Malachi went to sleep on Shane where he stayed through dinner and coffee. Waking up just in time for us to get ready for bed and NOT got to sleep. But I didn't mind too much. He was smiley and definitely his usual self. And definitely not sick. We managed to  sleep in a little and still get to our appointment on time, even though I had to scrape and defrost the car first. Fortunately the roads were all fine, which also meant Shane could go to work.

Kateri came with me, of course, and we bundled up the Munchkin and went to see Kristina. She was happy to see him again and I was happy that he was all smiles. Especially when we got to strip and weigh him. But then things got more serious. The previous clipping had definitely grown back and with scar tissue this time so things were nice and tight, but not in a good way. The assistant came in and the scissors were readied. She tried swaddling him up snugly but he decided he does not like swaddling and the little blanket was no match for a determined  14 lb 11 oz baby. So I ended up holding his arms down and his body still. It took a couple seconds longer and there was a little more blood than the first time. And he took a few minutes to settle down enough to nurse.

Kristina went over some exercises to do with him to keep the cut from closing up and scarring again. So now that that is out of the way and I went to the grocery store yesterday to  stock up a little I can look forward to any weather that would keep us home and cozy.

Here is picture from Christmas, I realized I didn't put any up. It was Malachi's first Dr. Who episode. I thought it warranted documenting.

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