Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip, Or Not

 Malachi has been having some growing/recovery pains lately. Which is translating to not napping unless being held, acting like he's being poisoned when I try to nurse  him, and me getting nothing done. Sometimes  I can get him to nurse. If I am standing up. And  IF I am walking. And only after he recovers enough emotionally from the fact that someone had just tried to poison him. The lactation consultants said it is a bigger recovery  than the first clipping and to give him ibuprofen if he seems uncomfortable. Even then, two hours later he would start to fuss. So she said add acetaminophen and alternate the doses. But still he is having some trouble. Which makes for long days and late and challenging nights. And even more challenging waiting room times.

It used to be so easy. Now I have to reheat my coffee every time I want a sip. And one cup can take me several hours to drink.
 Kateri at her appointment looking very professional.
Sometimes he does this and I get all excited thinking I'll get to finally have breakfast, coffee, or a shower. Not all three. 5 min later he is up and 'squiggling' and we go back to pacing/nursing.
I'd been doing the exercises the lactation consultant gave me to help him transition to using his previously ignored muscles, and to keep the frenulum from tightening up or developing scar tissue again. But today I called and asked if we could stop by to have a look-see just to make sure it was not still causing  problems. The big kids had just left to go to art and writing classes with Grandma and the receptionist said Kristina could take a peep if I got there in the next half hour. Fortunately I'd been well schooled in the 'how to have a functional day with broken sleep, no breakfast or shower, and only 1/2 cup of cold coffee. I hollered to the little kids to grab their boots and away we went. Boots are great. If your socks don't match nobody can tell. And if, as is usually Cyprian's case, you don't have socks at all, well you're still in luck.
So the good news is, no his frenulum has not re-attached. There is a little scar tissue from the first, or second clipping, but we went over the massages to do for that. And tried some new nursing positions as he is still a little less comfortable on the one side. She watched him nurse and suggested little adjustments. Then she suggested having him in a more upright position reclining on my stomach. She seemed hesitant in helping him transition while still nursing.
"Here" she said "try like, um, I don't want to, uh..."
"It's ok," I said. "It's number 5. It's real stretchy."
I was relieved, as was Kateri, that a third snipping was not in order. And knowing his discomfort seems to be the result of adjusting to normal while hitting his 3 months growth spurt at the same time but will end someday, I think I can muster up the energy and good will to get through it gracefully enough. Though I did have a little setback when Shane reported to me his new paycheck, courtesy of the #%!@ s in D.C.

Seriously, there is a new tax on dental devices. So braces that already cost a bazillion dollars are going to cost more. And with four, soon to be five, kids ahead of me in line I probably won't even be considering it for myself until I'm 60. By which time, if things continue in the vein they are now and a doomsday device does not take out Washington, will be even less affordable and if you try to get them anyway they will realize you are a drain on the system and euthanize you instead. After they try to get you to inform on your friends and family for illicit possessions like guns or heirloom seeds or activities like collecting your own freaking rain water!

Ok tirade is over. Fortunately, Malachi's nap is not. So I just might get something done. After I heat up and finish my coffee.

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Kelly said...

Oh, poor little guy. I'm glad he didn't need another snip. I was going to say, have you ever noticed little ones tend to get much fussier and sleep less right before a growth spurt? Alli was sleeping for only 15 and 20 minute spurts, and then just when I thought I wasn't sure I could take much more of it, she entered her growth spurt and has been sleeping like a champ. It's like they know they're going to sleep more, so they need to prep by not sleeping at all. I don't know if it's really the case or if it's typical, but I think it's a pattern. Anyways, I hope he starts that growth spurt real soon. You deserve at least one hot cup of coffee from start to finish ;)