Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nap Time

That small part of the day when I get to choose an activity to do. Today I opted for folding laundry. Tomorrow I think it will be scrubbing the shower, maybe. There are so many choices. I finished the laundry so now I get to throw in a blog post for a bonus.

Yesterday the craniosacral therapist came out. I like house visits. A lot. It was rainy and windy yesterday and I was fighting off a cold so I was extra grateful to not have to pack the baby up and go out. The appointment went well. She said she observed some minor adjustments/releases happen when she did her feeling around. Then, after seeing him nurse, she made some suggestions in positioning to help him realize and use his new mobilities. Friday we go back to the lactation consultant, which should be enough time to assess if another clipping is necessary. Then I think we should be all sorted out. I think I am as supposed to take him in for a second pediatrician appointment, but he is doing well and I don't really want to take him anywhere near a clinic until flu season is over so I have not scheduled one.

He is growing so well I had to go buy him new outfits a couple weeks ago and already the sleeves are looking short. Kateri helped 'encourage' me in cleaning our his clothes basket. By stealing it to do her laundry and piling up his things in a corner in my room. I figured I might as well since they were all out already. I packed up the little onsies and fuzzy outfits from his early days. Those early days seem so far away now. As does my tiny newborn kitten. Sometimes it feels like I have a different baby now and somebody took my little one. It is going by so quickly. I used to think people were crazy when they would tell me that these are the best years and someday I'll look back and yearn for them.

I'd think 'yeah right, because being sleep deprived to the point of insanity, never eating dinner or doing dishes with two hands, or having time implement a regular hygiene maintenance plan is so much better than anything else.'

But now I feel I am starting to understand what they mean. Or at least I imagine I do. I do appreciate that I know where all my kids are. That every night  I can check on them by walking into the other room, not waiting by the phone for a call. If they have a question or need help we are only a few footsteps away, not thousands of miles. I know/hope when we get to the next stages we'll be ready and the transition from baby to adult will not feel sudden like it does now.

Shane was doing some searching around and found that Stanford offers an online high-school program. It looks a bit more rigorous than what Audrey is doing now- ok a lot bit- and I had some reservations about  signing her up. I thought 'she is not old enough, she'd be intimidated, she won't want to go to their summer programs she wants to stay home.' Because that is how I would have felt. But Shane talked to her about it and showed her the information site and she is excited about it. So we signed her up for the assessment test later this month and we'll see how it goes.

I am starting to feel a little excited  for her now. For all the opportunities she'll have, for the relationships she'll form, for the education and experiences she'll have. That someone else will be teaching her higher math. And that she will have chances to figure out the world and how she wants to fit in it on her own terms. But not entirely on her own. Because for a little while longer, we'll just be in the next room.

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