Monday, April 7, 2008

Week-end Trip

As is our custom, we took a surprise visit to Eastern Washington to visit realatives this week-end. It wasn't too much of a surprise as Shane has been wanting to get out there, but in the past every time we even consider going, somebody gets sick, which would mean we couldn't visit the aged realatives which is the whole point of going. So this time we just snuck out and zipped over the mountains last minute and it worked.

We tried a new hotel this time and it was conveniently located next door to Anthony's. So in the evening we headed over there for dinner. Kateri ordered crab and then asked to see the wine list. All the kids were bummed they didn't get crab legs- they only had whole dungeness availble- so Pippin ordered lobster. He really did ask for it. We told the waitress they would be just fine with fetuccini and broccoli. Shane chose the wine- a Nelm's Road 2006 Cabernet. It was very tasty and one we'd get again. Its fun just trying something new. And then having it work out. Or not.
We ordered an appetizer and Pippin went for the coconut prawns. Then I remembered, we had discovered during lent, that he has an issue with shell fish. On two separate occasions he threw up after dinner. Both times I was all prepared to take on the flu for a week. but both times it was just one purge. And both times were after seafood- crab one week - tiger prawns the next. He was very sad when I took the skewer away from him. He is fine with fish but it is sad because he really likes crab and shrimp.
Kateri completely in her element and looking forward to swimming in the pool after dinner. Which we all did until it closed at 11:00. After a bath the kids passed out. As did we.
We visited Gran and had lunch with her. The kids enjoyed coloring some books she got out for them. Then we headed to Great Aunt Adele's where the kids had a great time playing with her wheel chair and asked if we could get one at home.
Our final stop was to the park to meet up with the cousins and get some energy out before heading home.

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