Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We have Sun

At least for the moment. We decided after banana muffins this morning to have a reverse day. It seemed mot very fair to keep the kids inside when it was sunny out so I let them out to play. The sun is playing peek-a-boo but at least it comes out and its not raining. Shane and Ron got most of the play set done this week-end. It jsut needs the swings and then we can put down all the rubber mulch sitting in our driveway. It really needs it as the dirt is mostly clay so the water stays for a long time and they get pretty muddy. And who need extra laundry. I guess we could just wait until its warm enough and go aboriginal. But some are getting a little old for that.

I was getting Pippin dressed to go out and he says to me,

"Did you hear my bip?"

"Your bip?" I asked.

"No, bup".

"You burped?"


"What do you say Pippin?"

"Thank you mom."

And off he went to play.

Cyril was entertained all day Saturday by a tree. He used a rope an fashioned a a little pulley to raise and lower himself. He was quite pleased and said he was going to sleep there. He didn't though.

Shane brought back some strawberry plants and I think six rosemary and lavender. I am really excited to start working on the yard. The kids wanted to plant the strawberries right away- in the middle of the yard. I told them we have to do some weeding and planning first. They were not so thrilled. I offered- stupidly- to pay $.10 a weed. Yesterday alone racked up a $30.00 bill. I told them there was going to be a pay cut and they've been playing in the fort since. They've taken out blankets to hang on the doors and windows and are having a great time and getting along nicely. Just what the playset was intended for.

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