Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Lost Lamb

The search continues for Lambie- Cyril's favorite toy when he was little. We left him at the house in Hatteras one year. It was pretty crazy when we discovered he was not packed and had to frantically search a 6,000 sq foot house for a 5" little lamb. We didnt' find him and 2yrs later are still searching. I found a website that posts wanted ads for lost toys here and posted an ad there but thought I'd add one here in the event anyone has information about the whereabouts of this lamb.
He was maybe 5"- could be a little less- had plush head and I think feet, with beans in the body. I can't remember the brand. We got him for Easter in 2003.. His face and feet were tan terry-cloth and his fur was more cottony than silky ,but after so many trips through the wash you can't tell how he started out. He had pink thread mouth and nose- already gone in this picture. I've found some similar ones but they are ususally bigger than he was and the feet are different. His were fabric soles on the back and fabric mitts on the front. I'd like to find an exact one to return home after circumnavigating the globe- like the gnome in Amelie- but Shane says we could try out a big one and say he grew up. Maybe I should add a finder's fee and put out posters. Not sure why I can't quite let him go. Not sure who was more attached to him. Lesson for next time- if they really like it, buy extras.

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