Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kateri Stories

Every day I marvel at Kateri. Today she decided to empty the dishwasher. She grabbed a towel, flung it over her shoulder, and stared pulling dishes out. All the while attending to the other duties of running a household. Pippin came up and asked for milk in his bottle.

"You want milk Pippin? I"ll get you milk." She opened the fridge and saw the big gallon jug of milk on the top shelf out of reach. Not to be thwarted she turned to Pips and said,

"Actwully, do you want ice water Pippin?" She can reach the dispenser on the fridge. I don't know if she changed his mind or not and it didn't really matter. I saw the bottle of water waiting on the counter for him.

For her next trick, she beat me to the phone when it rang. Usually, it friends and family who would know it was Kateri and if it Tirzah or Grandma I have to wait my turn. I couldn't tell who it was from her conversation which went like this,

"Huddo, huddo" maybe a few more times.


"NO, who is dis?"

She laughed, said something unintelligible and repeated her interrogation.

At that point I was able to get to her. I intervened and found the pharmacist on the other end of the line laughing hysterically. She had to ask some questions about a refill but had to keep pausing to laugh and finished the call with,

"That was great. That just made my evening." I told her to call anytime.

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