Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I might be crazy

Actually, I'm pretty sure I am. It hit me today at lunch when my phone rang. I answered,


"hey Nani, what are you doing?"- it was my sister Tirzah.

"having lunch. At Claim Jumper's"

"Wow, that's crazy"

"Yeah, I know"

"Did Shane have the day off?"

"No. its just us"

"Yeah, that's pretty crazy"

"Yeah, that's me."

To make it more crazy I went on to tell the rest of our morning. We started at the toy store where Cyril thought he might burn up his weeding money and I had to get Pippin a boat just like Cyril's. Then Kateri, who had been in charge of the bag left it in front of the gumball machines- she was so overcome with the baseball sized balls of goo- and I didn't discover it until we were getting in the car. So we headed back in and a lovely lady exiting the store offered us a short cut by holding the automatic-sensored door open. Which was really nice until she walked out and I realized there was another door to get through and no sensor on our side as it was the exit door and we were stuck in this little glass limbo. On the other side I could see our bag and people milling about but no one getting quite close enough to set the door off. I think they too were overcome by the $1 gumballs. Finally, I gave up and went around to the front, got the bag, and made it back to the car.

I had planned on stopping across the street at the mall for some face cream- it's never too early to start warding off wrinkles- and told Audrey we could check the other toy store over there for horses as the toy store was still out. She was pleased. But not when we discovered the store was no longer in the mall. But I figured while we were there I'd let the kids tire themselves out,so we criss-crossed through the mall looking at things. Kateri likes to push Pippin's stroller which is great. He will cheerfully stay in it if she is pushing. BUt not for me. I guess he likes the anticipation and possibility of running into things. And it wears her out- she didn't fall asleep until almost midnight last night.

We did stop at the Disney store where they had kids sunglasses for $3. Cyril got a pair and if one gets one they all get them. At least they were on sale. All through the mall the kids were amazed at how awesome everything looked and marvelling at colors and light.

So when we didn't find the toy store that wasn't there and things were starting to come apart, I mentioned lunch and things started to improve. Between bites of pizza and fries Audrey even declared,

"Mama time is just about as good as Papa time."

Just goes to show you, crazy people are fun too.

Kateri was the only one who would pose for a picture- no surprises here- and after one click she went into her model mode. We will be sure to keep her away from the likes of Annie Leibovitz. Creeps. All of them. But I don't suppose anyone will come in with guns blazing, hordes of CPS workers and declare a jihad for the victim child, who would then be put in a foster home environment about as familiar as Pluto so everyone can go home feeling they've done their duty "for the children". But I"d better not go there now. We are still in the midst of our day and I have only finished half my latte so I'll save that rant for another day. But it will come.

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