Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Some random pictures of the kids recent activities:

Pippin's recipe for orange juice- first mangle the orange slice over an empty cup, then put the slice in your mouth
And shoot the little bit of liquid in your cup. Repeat with remaining slices being sure to spread the peel and juice across as much of the table and floor as you can. A bath is definitely in order.
The stock market has been unpredictable lately. Kateri and Pippin have been busy managing their portfolios. Kateri actually prefers investing in gold, because then she can wear it too. I think Pippin has his money on Scooby Snacks. That or the Hair Club for Men.
Pippin offered to take out the garbage the other day. He didn't get very far. It was cute when he was getting ready and put on my shoes to head out to the garbage cans.
We actually had a really beautiful day last week. I think it got up into the mid 70s. I had forgotten how nice the sun is. WE spent all day outside- Shane and Ron worked on the playset and the kids running around like they'd never seen the sun. Cyril and Audrey found some caterpillars and made a little box for them. Audrey declared it was the "best day of her life". Pippin found a little baby fern and insisted it was also caterpillar. I asked if he wanted to make a house for it and he cupped his hands around it and said " I could be a little house". It was pretty cute. He carried it around, tried to fix it when its tail fell off, and put it by his plate at dinner time.
At which time he fell asleep. So I put him on the couch while we finished eating and then to bed for the night. I love the summer days when they are so worn out from so much fun. Unfortuanteyl it has been raining since Sunday. Yesterday we even had some thunder and hail. Ahhhh... Springtime in Seattle. Its a grey thing.

THe kids had dentist appts and Kateri was thrilled because she got to go too. She just loves those kinds of things- especially since she'd been watching the big kids go. They gave her a pair of sunglasses and little toys when she was done. They get little tokens and can use them on little gumball machines filled with bouncy balls, rings, and sticky little monkeys that leave oily stains on flat paint and are very sticky. I had to get the ladder and a broom to take down the one I had confiscated- but was found and launched up onto the big wall in the living room. It left a mark "much like a seahorse" Audrey decided.
Kateri was so tickled with her visit she repaid the dentist by lifting a small doll from the waiting room. Unfortunately, I had a similar penchant for pinching when I was young and my mom learned to pat me down before we left friends houses after some experiences of finding various pretty objects upon returning home from a visit. Luckily, we go back to the dentist to have a chipped tooth filled on the 2nd so returning it will be easy. And I'll pat her down before we leave.

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