Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm not sure what I was thinking today, but I ended up taking the kids to toysrus and the mall. Actually, I was thinking Cyril really wanted a dinosaur he saw there before and had been saving up for it and I told him this morning I would take him. And then I was thinking, while we are out I should go by L'Occitane and get some bath soap and another shaker for shakes and then I might get some face powder because sometimes I like to dress up.

The dinosaur Cyril wanted was not there but he found a T-Rex skelton you can assemble so he got that and Audrey added to her herds of horses. And I actually found something useful- some work books for Kateri and Cyril for writing. I was getting tired of making dots and printing things out so these were perfect.

Kateri was thrilled. She loves pens and paper and doing writing exercises. She did amazing when I sat down with her and traced and then wrote on her own very well. If she started in the wrong spot she would drape over her page laughing "That's not how you do it Ooops"

Unlike Cyril, who if I reminded him to start at two o'clock would take the opportunity to defend his individualism and vehemently respond,

"You can't just make your kids do their letters just like yours. Not everyone's has to be the same."

I think he is the kind of student the schools would suggest medicating. Some days it does sound tempting. Some days it is difficult and other days its completely entertaining. Like when we were walking throught the grocery store and he was carrying a baguette and suddenly went all raptor like- laying the bread across his forearms and hunching over like a t-rex while baring his teeth to the other customers. I never know when or what mood will strike him until it does.

Cyril was upset I didn't take a picture of him while he was working and was sure it was because I didn't like him. I gently reminded him of the many occasions when I pull out the camera and he hides and protests- "No, you can't take my picture"
So here is Cyril helping with the hasbrowns. I think he is really growing. Yesterday he ate 5 slices of pizza for lunch. Today for dinner he had hashbrowns, then scrambled egg whites, and an orange, and then asked for toast.

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