Friday, February 1, 2008

Mend on Friday....

The last couple days, my cousin Ambry has been over to work on the baptismal dress for their baby.( Which is turning out very cute despite my erronious pinning) The kids got all excited about sewing so today we got out some felt and they each did a little project. Kateri made a little purse. She was very patient and excited as she stitched the sides with my oversight.

Audrey made a little purse all by herself with a flap and a button.

Cyril made a scabbard. then decided, because he couldn't find a sword ,it was a quiver. He says he loves sewing. He was actually the one agitating this morning for a sewing project which got them all started.

Pippinof course wanted to join in. so I gave him a box of colorful pins and George to use a a in cushion. I have a feeling somewhere in the jungles of Africa there is a monkey in a lot of pain.

Kateri and Pippin wanted to dance and since Kateri put on a dress, Pippin had to as well.

A little up-date on our Salish get-away: After we got home I wrote an e-mail to the General Manager thanking him for the lovely parts of our stay but that we felt a little short changed when it came to the rest and relaxation part and would he mind giving us another go at it, which I was actually surprised they had not offered.

He wrote back a very nice letter saying a good nights sleep should be a part of any hotel's offering. He was sorry about our experience but we should get over it and move on. Just kidding about the last part. He is sending a certificate for a night's stay. And I am really excited to have another get away to look forward to. And aside from the getting sleep, I think it will be better as we know we like eating in the Bistro better than the Dining room and will probably skip the fire part if it is windy. WE haven't picked a time yet.

I was really pleased with his response and feel that I can in very good conscience recommend the Lodge. Although you may have to ask for it.

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