Friday, February 22, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain....

But before I get to that....Kateri was combing her hair and decided it would be fun to comb it all forward. Can you tell which is which?

Ta da!
And here is what you get when one kid is cubing turkey and another is doing farm stamps.

So I decided I finally am ready to work on some window treatments for our bedroom. I felt overwhelmed when I thought of doing the whole house at once so I decided we'll just start with our room. It faces the woods so its not so much of a privacy issue but I'd like it to be darker and cozier. I figured I'd have Costco come out and give me some quotes first and then go from there. I'm leaning toward the wooden plantation shutters or something similar.

I called and answered a few questions and was doing pretty well for also being in the midst of having the painters here and trying to keep the Israelis and Palestinians at a ceasefire long enough for me to hear the very patient man on the other end. But then he asked for my phone number and I immediately said, as if I really knew what I was talking about ( for privacy purposes the following numbers are completely made up-whether or not I intended to)


He asked about the windows and then said he'd have someone call me at 425-713-2738.

Hearing it back, I realized I'd given him Shane's work number so I said,

"Ummm actually, let me give you a better number."

"OK' he said.

"Its 391-1908" I said, feeling still not quite convinced myself.

"Not a problem" he continued typing the wrong number in again.

"Actually, that's not it either. Ummm its ...39....."

"8?" he finally volunteered.

"Yes. It's 398...." I choked up again and blanked.

"Is it the number you are calling from now?" he offered, "The one I see on my screen? 398-8109?"

"Yes, that's it exactly. thank you."

"No problem" he said.

I was really worried he would write me off as a nut case and I'd never hear back. But luckily I got another chance to prove myself when he asked for my address and I was able to quickly and accurately give it to him.

I'm not sure what it is with numbers. A couple years ago I left a message with my midwife and gave her someone else's number. When she finally called my cel phone she said she had called the number I left and it was someone else. but amazingly it was someone who knew us. So if yoru number starts with 425-39.... and you got a call from Heike, sorry. And I can't promise it won't happen again. But I'll try. And if a guy named Erik shows up to measure your windows, just commit me.

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Tirzah said...

Sort of like the time I went to Starbucks while pregnant and they asked for my name. I wasn't prepared to give that particular information at that particular time.
Me: "um,"(blink blink)"My!"
Barista: "Are you sure about that?"
Me: "Well, actually...that's not my real name."
Barista, looking uncomfortable: "Okay."