Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boys' Montana Trip

Once again, Shane headed out to Georgetown Lake, MT for some great snowkiting. They have a rodeo there every February when the lake is really solid and everybody comes and kites. I guess. I've never gone but this was Shane's third trip out there. This was also the only year he was there for the rodeo. Lodgings were filled up quickly but he was able to get this cozy little cabin not too far from the lake. It was cute enough that I might consider going some year. His dad went with him and they picked up his brother Cameron and roommate in Spokane.
Da boys- Shane,Ron, Cameron

Shane kept forgetting to take off his sunglasses so he rode around with glasses and goggles. Just in case.
He says it was freezing and he'd have to stop to get his hands a little warmer so he could feel them. I think I'd be back at the cabin building up the fire and making hot chocolate. I can't stand the cold, but to each his own.

Can you tell it was a boys only trip?

We were very happy to have Shane home again yesterday. He was so eager he got everyone up and running and out the door some time after 4am. It worked and arrived before 2pm. He was pretty tired and sore- the wind did pick up and sometimes was a little too strong for the bigger kites. But he got some good runs in and when the wind died they'd head up to the slopes and snowboard. Its always good to have backup options.

I don't have any pictures from our week-end. We went to my brother's birthday- its amazing my baby brother is 14 now. The kids were delightes when we walked in the gate and found a "bun rabbit" in a cage . They had great fun petting, feeding, taking it for walks, and who even know what else. But it was alive when we left so it must have been ok.

It was cute when Sandor (14) picked up Pippin. Cyprian took Sandor's face between his hands and said "You're just so cute". I guess that was his birthday gift.

Then after we got in the car the kids were recounting how much fun they had had. Kateri grins and says, "I like Kevin. He's my friend."

Uncle Kevin is pretty fun. The weather was absolutely amazing and the kids were able to play outside all day. It felt warm in the sun. Yesterday was just as nice. But today we are back to misty, damp, gray Seattle weather.

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