Friday, February 15, 2008

Kids Games and fuzzy pictures

My camera has these phases it goes through, one of them being it only takes really fuzzy pictures for awhile. Apparently that is the phase we are in now. Sorry. I know its hard on the eyes.
This was a drama class Kateri was teaching. She is such the drama queen, although I suppose most 4 year old girls are.
Arms and legs flailing she'd whimper " No Papa, don't leave" whimper ,whimper, sob.
then she'd look at Pippin.

Cyprian would dutifully copy her arms and legs moving in lame puppy dog mode while he'd emit a muffled "Haaaa Papa, waah, mmmmmm."
Then he'd look to Kateri for approval, she'd offer pointers and he'd try again. I thought 'at least they are working together'. The other day I discovered another new game of theirs. I was so pleased because they were all four playing nicely in the other room. Cyril came into the kitchen and started rooting around the drawers pulling out cooking tools. I thought I should peek on them so I went out to check. They had made a wall of pillows on the couch behind which lay Kateri looking sad and wounded. I asked what they were playing. Audrey answered
"We're playing retarded cow. Kateri is the cow and we have to give her shots"
I thought wow, that is so not P.C. Then I explained they might get better results in curing a sick cow instead. Audrey said" Ok lets play sick cow. Cyril, hand me the spatula."

I suppose they could do mad cow. But I'm afraid they'd try to put her down.

Shane and I commuted out Valentine's Day to the 13th because he was going to be leaving for Montana the next day. He brought me a huge bouquet of lilies- pink and white ones- and we went to Girardi's for dinner while the kids stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa. It was nice and the restaurant was not crowded- though Patrick told me they were completely booked the next night. And now I can enjoy watching the lilies open over the next week too.

He ended up not leaving until 4am this morning anyway but I'm glad we went out when we did. He called to ask me to check the weather and wind forcast out there near Anaconda. I e-mailed him the bleak news that the best wind was not until tomorrow at 10:00pm and it was only 9mph. He said yes, all the kiters there for the rodeo were just sitting around the frozen lake....waiting. And freezing. Then he told me there are some not so forzen areas some people had found with markers. I asked if they were markers or memorials. But he assured me it is much more solid out in the middle.There are some slopes nearby if they get too bored. Shane rented a cabin and they had built a nice big fire and had some movies and he's there with Cameron and Ron and Cameron's roommate so maybe it can be cozy guy time. but maybe he'll decide to come home early instead. That would be fun. I'll suggest it next time he can get a cel phone signal and calls again.
Audrey and Cyril had dentist appointments last week. Audrey needed some work and they were able to take care of some of it right away, which was really nice. She was pretty numb on her left side. I took a picture of her smiling. It was a pretty rough introductionto our new dentist. That and the itty bitty parking lot. all the stalls were made for mini european cars with a max width of 2 feet. I was so suprised when I had to turn around - can you say 50 point turn- and successfully backed into a spot. I thought I'd just stay but on either side of me there was literally 6 inces of clearance. No one would be able to open a door. I very gingerly pulled out and found a spot elsewhere. I couldn't beleive I didn't hit anything. I was pretty prepared to leave my name and number on somebody's windshield.

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