Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That's What Brothers Are For

It rained yesterday and the yard was pretty wet but the little kids still wanted to play outside. So I got them dressed, reminded them they were not to play with the hose, and turned them loose.
Not too much later I hear the hose running. So I sit Kateri down on the steps for a timeout. Pippin not knowing what to do by himself decides he'll share her fate and sits next to her. THe door was shut but I can only imagine the things they were conspiring about. Kateri didn't sit still so I had to bring her inside so I could watch her. Once she was done I told them they could go out but no hose.

"Why don't you guys find sticks and you can poke them through the fence. Maybe you'll find bugs or even birdies.'

"Maybe we can poke the birdies" Kateri says and starts laughing hysterically. "Come on Pippin. Let's get sticks."

Hopefully there weren't any birdies.

The play set comes a week from tomorrow. Then there is the set up but at least it is imminent. It would have been nice to have this week-end as Shane will be gone to Whistler and some major distraction for the kids would make it more pleasant.

I'm hoping it will help withe extra energy and thus bedtime too. Yesterday we decided we needed to start our morning workout earlier so the kids could sleep through some of it. We got up at 6:45 and 5 min in Kateri and Pippin got up. I was sure we'd have a nice early bedtime as I was able to keep Pippin from napping. But no. 8:00 and Pippin wanted to wrestle while I read 'Are You My Mother" for the third time. I really want to throw up when I hear about other kids older than he is taking two hour naps. And then going to bed. Ever. I try to console myslelf with thinking there must be something wrong with those kids. Because my bird-stabbing-butter-knife-weilding-kids are so perfectly normal.


Kimberly said...

Nani, There IS something wrong with those kids. Knowing that I'm not alone in this mothering world of kids who don't nap helps me to feel NORMAL. Thank you for always sharing with such honesty. Surely OUR kids are the perfectly normal ones.

Tirzah said...

Oh sweet young optimism; someone give that little girl a third-world country to run, pronto. Maybe, just maybe it would keep her too busy to get into trouble. But I doubt it.