Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I walked into the kitchen the other day and found Kateri doing dishes. There had been a pile stacked on the counter and when she saw them she knew exactly what to do. She loaded them like this
closed the door adnd turned it on. I was impressed with her work. The only problem was they had been clean dishes stacked waiting for me to dty them and by turning on the dishwashe they got sprayed with the dirty water that will not drain and hasn't for several days. So I had to clean them again. It was very thoughtful of her though.
I discovered the issue on Friday when after running a load it did not drain. I tried the override stop and drain sequence but no potato. Just soapy water. So I called up the friendly people at Bosch to see what they would suggest I do. Apparently the parts are still covered under warranty- its only 1 1/2 years old- so they said they could send someone out. I asked how much the labor part of the bill would be and he. "You know what, I'll just make a note here and we'll cover that too." I was really impressed. I am seriously thinking of trashing my stinky GE wash machine which only produces stinky laundry and getting a Bosch instead. And telling them why. The service center called to schedule an appointment and unfortunately can't come until next Thursday. So we'll be Little House on the Prarie-ing it until them. My hands get really dry and burned a lot. But I did discover a use for the washer in the mean time. It makes a handy drying rack if I leave the door open and the racks pulled out. And there is heater vent in front of the sink so it gets warm air throughout the day.
So my lovely front loading GE washing machine-After only a couple months the laundry started to smell foul and the laundry room like dry rot. After numerous service visits- at least we were still under the service warranty period- the best I got was- use hot water, every once in awhile run a hot water cycle ( no clothes) and add vinegar and bleach and baking soda and add the extra rinse option to every load and only use 1 tablespoon of detergent. And to leave the door open after every load and to change it right away. I was already doing the last two suggestions.
I had a really hard time feeling like my washer was energy efficient and a water saver. Or a time saver. And still after doing all that the t-shirts come out smelling awful. The laundry room did get better though. I was getting Pippin dressed for bed the other night and as I was putting on his shirt he sniffed and made a funny face. Already knowing what was wrong I asked him,
"What is it Pippin?'
"What's that smell?" he asked scrunching up his nose.
"What does it smell like?"
"Poop" he said.
I changed his PJ's but I waited until he spilled milk on them. The first set is usually not the ones he ends up wearing to bed.
I think I'll include that in my break up letter to GE, maybe along with a sample. Its not like I want to keep the clothes. And no, bleach doesn't work in small enough amounts to not dis-color the clothes. And besides I don't want a high maintenance washer. I have four kids.
This was a funny Cyril line.
Audrey read the joke on her cheese stick wrapper out loud. It said,
"What bird cries the most?"
"the female" Cyril answerered.
I'm not sure where he got that. I don't cry and amongst the four kids I think Cyril is a pretty good contender. I thought it was funny though.
The Bluebird was the real answer. I guessed it.

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