Friday, January 31, 2014

No Baby Pics Yet

So I just realized I started this post half way through the template so everything will be out of  order. But Im too lazy to do anything about it right now. Because everything takes me forever and maybe I will have Shane teach me some short cuts sometime when I am feeling patient enough to actually learn something new.

I thought I came up with a cunning plan and was so excited to Share it with Shane. Once the new baby is here and I'm tied to the couch with a little suckling pig, keeping Malachi out of trouble is going to be really hard. So I thought we'll just assign each of the kids a day they are responsible for taking care of him. Kateri will still have him at night, but someone else will be in charge of him at meal times, bath time, diaper changing times, stair climbing times. And then Shane will be home on the weekends. Shane asked if I would put Pippin in charge of Malachi. I thought no, that wouldn't really work. And then what about the day the big kids have music lessons and outside classes? I looked at Shane and saw the errors in my thinking. And I saw the root of the problem. We don't have enough kids!

I got up early, or at least before the other sleepy heads did, so I could participate in the  7QTs. Even  if it is a little late. So I was surprised when I sat down in what is supposed to be the formal dining room but without a table and chairs makes a great wrestling room. Because who thinks kids should be fed and watered over a carpet on a regular basis- not me. Anyway,  I was surprised when I heard a slight humming coming from somewhere. The down stairs is pretty open and there is the stair gate to open so its not really possible to sneak unnoticed  to the downstairs. And all the bedrooms are upstairs. But there was definitely a slight musical humming emitting from what I could only imagine to be the crawl space. Finally I placed the sound as being generated through the floor vent next to me. Which is great, because it is Kateri humming so Malachi, whom I guess she is trying to keep asleep longer, in her bedroom three rooms and a flight of stairs away. So I guess that intercom system I thought  could come in handy for dinner time is already in place. Maybe the kids and I will play with it and see what carries best from what vantage point and if there is one that no sound can get to and that is where the baby will nap.

I'm starting to compile a list of things to read while I assist in the demanding growing process of a little person who will require 24hr sustenance causing me to physically tied to a cozy spot, hopefully with snacks and refreshments within reach. And would welcome any recommendations on pretty much any subject. Unless there is math involved. I don't do numbers well especially postpartum. I assume at some point I'll get bored and want something to stimulate my brain. Just because its a germane topic, I was thinking of this book. Not because we need convincing or instruction- though I guess its not that kind of book so don't say I said it was- but because I'm interested in hearing other people's stories and thoughts. I'm also interested in the instruction part too, it is such a fascinating process when all goes well and I like knowing things about me and any information I do come across makes me more amazed. I was talking a girl I met who worked at a fertility clinic. And she said when women came in they were always surprised when they started learning about the whole process. Really? So what are all the educational classes in schools for then? If you are going to teach about bodies, why isn't it at least the really awe-inspiring stuff? I don't know what they do teach as my mom pulled me out of those classes. And I actually don't remember ever not knowing where babies came from so its not like we were uneducated. We just never got that unnatural and forced separation of pro-creative acts and babies. Ok obviously I have lots of thoughts on the subject of fertility as it really is. But Im open to any interesting topics so recommend away.

But it really is going to happen. Just maybe not too soon. That means maybe I a can go to all my scheduled midwife appointments. I am always sad at the end because I don't want the appointments to stop. And the first thought, maybe sometimes second, when I see those two blue lines is "Now I can go see my midwives!!" I don't know. Shane might be getting suspicious as to my motivations. But he really likes them too. I won't see the OB again since the stitches are out. But she did ask if I  would send a letter and let her know how things go with the birth.

When I asked my midwife what all these shenanigans would mean long term she said  when you get pregnant again we'll just schedule you for a stitch early on when its less of hassle. I had stopped listening after the 'when'. No 'in the event of' or 'if you do. Just a  'when'. Like she knew something I don't. Or she figures we're just really good at it so of course its happening. Or we're just crazy. But in the event that she is right I will get to see the OB again.

We decided to tempt fate and rescheduled our previously cancelled social get together for this weekend.. So I have been expecting a re-visitation from the stomach flu all week. So far so good. We'll see how the next few hours go. Fortunately, Shane decided he wants to do some of the cooking so I might get more of the room/bathroom/baby is coming set up done. I did get the bed prepared, though I've never actually given birth or labored long in the bed. Regardless, making it once, covering it with a plastic sheet, then making it again does make for a quick sheet change. Not that I like the somewhat wrinkly sound of the plastic, its just nice to be able to peel the layers off and have a fresh bed. But, given that I 'could' have three more weeks I'll be doing it again. Or maybe in lieu of a virus, I'll give birth instead.

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