Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes Attmept Deux

We'll see how this goes. Being the luddite that astounds Shane on a daily basis, I fully expect my trying to be tricky and actually trying to use the 7QT template will not work and there will just be signs and symbols that might be taken for strong language on the blog. Until Shane gets home and I show him and he gets a good laugh then hits the secret key and it all makes sense again and I still won't know what I did/didn't do.
Strong language could be appropriate- it has its place-for this week. I thought we were doing better in the baby sleeping somewhere other than my face department. And we were. Then we got hit with the stomach flu. At 1am, of course. Kateri came knocking on our door saying Muffin was crying and would not be happy. And then he barfed. A lot. All over Kateri and the carpet. I was no too surprised as Audrey had had a visit from the vomit fairy a few hours earlier. Fortunately it was on the bathroom floor and much easier to clean. Aside from being 8 months pregnant and not able to bend over at all. I was only a little in the blast radius but of course I had to take him so we had a little vomit cuddle while we waited for the shower to warm up. After all three of us were cleaned enough to make it through the rest of night and Shane had heroically scrubbed the carpet, I decided I would rather spare the mattresses and made a bed on Kateri's floor with blankets and towels for Muffin and me. He actually slept soundly the rest of the night, as did I, and that was the extent of his illness.
We brought it on ourselves by planning on having company this weekend. Which happened, oh three years ago when I tried to get out of my turtle shell for a couple weekends in a row and scheduled TWO social get together. Which were cancelled and I retreated. So I'm wondering what the lesson I'm supposed to learn here is.
We still are not completely settled on a name yet. I am definitely at that part of the pregnancy where you are tricked into thinking labor would be sooo much easier than this. But I know better this time. Besides, we've worked so hard to keep her in as long as we have we might as well stick out the fattening up stage. Her. Not me. I'll be 36 weeks on Sunday and we discuss stitch removal at my next appointment so labor does feel imminent. Though I'll probably go late anyway. Which will get me a little more use of the maternity shirts I finally bought last week to cover my WHOLE belly (you are welcome, world).
In the theme of coming out of my shell, I registered for a womens day of reflection hosted by our parish and focusing on the parable of the prodigal son. So given there are no more instances of illness I'll be getting up early, for a Saturday, and leaving Shane home with the kids. Actually, it wilt be just the boys. Audrey is coming with me and Kateri is helping Grandma serve a tea.
The kids have had lessons in losing pets these past couple weeks. Two weekends in a row we lost a rabbit. Still don't know why but we are prepared to lose another this weekend, if the pattern holds. But Kateri reported to me yesterday, "No one is really sad or anything, but I think the other bunnies are going to die soon". Turns out they were just basking in the sunlight and were up and running a little later. But it does seem like they are adjusting more quickly to each loss. Anyone looking for a large outdoor rabbit cage?
Feel free to offer any name suggestions. Adele is still the only one in the running but somehow doesn't 'feel' like the one. Plus we need a middle name too.
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yay, so glad you're coming tomorrow!