Thursday, January 30, 2014

Still Prepping. And Pregnant.

Good news. The stitches were able to be removed in the OB's office. And the baby did not fall out right afterward.(not sure if that goes in the good news department or just news). The Dr explained that in late term cerclages where there are already changes to the cervix before placement i.e. dilation or thinning, which mine was, there is a 20% of going into labor within 24-48 hrs. Silly me forgot to ask what the percentages are for 3 days, 4 days etc. But like I said I am prepared to go another 5 months.

Shane stayed late this morning and was able to accompany me to the appointment. I packed the diaper bag, just in case, and the car seat was/is always there. And I washed AND blow dried my hair before we went. So I felt ready. We discussed names on the way in. Still not completely settled. Maybe once we see her the name will be more clear. And just to be clear, she is still a girl. I asked the technician to take a quick peak, as we don't even have a single boys name so I wanted to make sure we were still working in the right area.

There was a little work in finding the stitches. Which came with additional pressure and pinching. I felt like I should have gotten a baby out of the whole thing, but she stayed put. Really put. We were never able to get a really good view of her head or one particular head measurement the entire pregnancy because she likes to stay nestled down low. I guess she is shy.

The Dr asked if I'd like to take the stitches home. I said I was done with them, but thanks for the offer. However I did say yes to the stretchy Velcro band that held the baby monitor on for the non-stress test afterward. I knew the kids would have fun tying each other up with that. I was surprised at how much there was to the stitches. More like a ribbon than a thread. But they did the trick, so that's good. And now they are gone. So that is also good. She said no scar tissue that was obvious. Which is a relief to me. Even if its not for sure and there is some hiding. And I was only 1-2 cm dilated.  I see the midwives again next week, or sooner if labor starts. It's kind of a weird feeling to feel normal now and like we're just waiting like we would have been without the stitches. Shane went to work and will be late like a normal night and I'll wash more laundry. And pay Kateri to clean my room and bathroom. Because she's really good, I can't bend over, and I have some cash.

So the two names we've been playing with are Adele. And Sophia.  Maybe Sophia Adele.  Adele was Shane's Great Aunt. Sophia is also my nieces name, but being 17 yrs apart, its almost like last generation. And seriously, when you are from a family of 100 cousins, I don't even know how many second cousins, all with good taste in names, there is bound to be some overlap somewhere. We tried to consider some eastern girl names, the boy names are generally nicer, but after nixing anything with an X or a Z, or starting with a U, there weren't any left. Except Sophia. So here we are. But we are still open to any awesome suggestions so now's your chance to Name That Baby. All entries will be looked at. Some, like Udoxia, might get giggled at. Sorry. Just can't picture that one. I know. No imagination.

OK. Off to wash more towels and my bed sheets.

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