Saturday, January 18, 2014

Moving Muffin Out Of The Bed- The Sleep Saga Continues

I am fully prepared for this to be part one of part 389. Or something like that. I'm still working on ways to make space for Cupcake. Which means moving Muffin. The crib has not been a sure thing and he has never slept all night in it, so putting him farther than three inches from me is not really a help. Much less in another bed in another room. But I am hoping this is the week we make some real progress towards that end. And thanks to my in-laws who very generously offered to keep ALL the kids for TWO nights, ( more on that later)I think we might  have some good momentum. Which is good, because even with an uninterrupted night of sleep I still fell asleep during the movie. I thought for sure the bullets and intensity of the situation would keep me up, but no. A cozy dark room. No one making bear sounds....zzz.  But I finally did keep myself awake and enjoyed, if that can be said, seeing Lone Survivor. Not like the pregnancy hormones needed any encouraging in the drama department. I also wanted to see it with Shane to preview it in the event he took the boys to see it. We both agreed they could handle it. Other than some, ok maybe lots, of language it was a good telling of a true story. And really, when people are shooting at  you, your comrade is injured, or dead, and your ride home is AWOL, I think some strong language really sums up your situation. So I think they are going tonight.

And I will be setting things in place for Malachi's night. In Kateri's bed. Which she is really excited about.At Grandma's, he slept in his crib in a room with Audrey and Kateri. Until he woke up and they put him in their bed, or if it was late enough, took him to Grandma and she got him back to sleep. Mom was not there and he survived. The girls, aside from now having real experience of a mom's night and wanting naps, were also able to give feedback on ways they might improve problems they saw. Namely, the crib creaks and they suspect the noise disturbs his sleep (and theirs) and he needs the mattress to be softer. It gives me high hopes for putting him in Kateri's bed tonight. I finally hit on a plan for bottles without treks to the kitchen or wasting milk. I took one of the kids' insulated lunch bags and put a freezer pack in it with a full bottle of milk. No it's, not rocket science, but anything that provides everyone with more sleep and makes life less stressful is ground breaking in my book. Which is what I am all about these days.

It was also really nice to not be tripping over the crib at night or having to finagle my way around the bed rail, mid-leg cramp at 3am. All-in-all I feel very hopeful about future nights. But we will see how tonight goes.

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