Friday, January 3, 2014

Attempting a Version of 7 Quick Takes

(Just typing the title has taken 5 minutes and I lost it once. The Post Title. So don't expect anything clever, wordy, or properly spelled. Explanation to follow.)

1. Malachi is still working hard to keep the title "world's worst sleeper."

2.And succeeding with aplomb.

3.Yesterday he decided he was not a baby anymore and skipped his nap. Entirely.

4. But he made sure everyone was aware that he was not operating with a full tank.

5. He finally tried to take a nap. At 6pm. So Kateri whisked him upstairs for a quick bath and he was able to make it until 8:10, when Shane decided to take him for a short drive so he would not know he was being put to bed.

6. Then he woke up at 10:30 and after many unsuccessful attempts to soothe him back to sleep, I finally gave up and let him play with the newly washed baby girl clothes while I folded laundry in the semi-dark.

7. He finally settled down at his usual bedtime of 2am. ( Seriously that has been our bedtime the past week).Only to wake up at 8:45am and then scrape by on a 1-hour nap.

8. After a year of this routine I am really, really, tired. But I'm sure you guessed that.

9. Its my first attempt. Give me a break.

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