Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coffee Break

Today has been busy. So was yesterday. And the day before. The day before that was a birthday party. Fun and busy. So, even though I still have mounds of laundry to put away and the fridge is begging to be be washed, I decided to take a coffee break instead. Also because Pippin got hurt, somehow, when Cyril hit him with a toy lizard. As I comforted him he stopped and said,

"My tummy doesn't feel good".  Oh great, I thought. Here comes the stomach flu. We have had lots of colds- Kateri has a nasty cough right now-but we had managed to steer clear of  any throwing up. Through his sobs and tears he pitifully  whimpered,

"Can I watch a movie?"

I was instantly releived.

Kateri woke up at 6:30 yesterday, stuffed and coughing. I gave her some Benadryl and as she couldn't fall back asleep,  I told her she could watch a movie. The big kids got wind of it and soon we were all piled on the couch watching "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". I had not seen it yet so I was entertained too.
So Pippin understood the exception to our no movies during the week days was in times of sickness. I was so glad I won't have to line all the beds with towels and sleep all night waiting to hear the the tell tale sounds. So I let them watch 'Despereux'. And it seemed like a perfect time for coffee and a treat.  (Kateri must have sensed it. She just walked into our room saying her tooth hurts. And she has already seen the movie. I told her she can lie on the bed if she needs to.)

The days have been pretty busy. Monday we got up and got to art class by 9:00. Then Grandma took the big kids to horse lesson. The little kids and I got crickets and did some household shopping. Yesterday we had swim lessons. Today we got up and got our school work done by 10:15 so we could get to horse lessons by 11:00. It was rainy and cold so the little kids and I stayed in the car, but Audrey and Cyril were working the horses in the front so we got to watch. On the way home it seemed like a good soup day and I remembered the soup on my sister's blog and decided to make it. So then we had to stop at the store and get some ingredients. And some doughnuts. The really nice lady gave the kids heart-shaped lollipops, which made the shopping a little more pleasant. And I am excited to have some nice soup for dinner. I love how warm and cozy it makes the house smell and feel. Cozy like a coffee break. Here's to lots of coffee breaks.

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