Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I thought, after Kateri's post, I'd dedicate a post to each one of the kids. Today is Pippin's day, and I thought I'd share some "Pippinisims".

Pips is a pretty happy boy. And, I think like most boys, pretty simple. If he wakes up to a clean pair of cammo undies in the morning, it's going to be a good day.
He loves anything army or 'miditary'. He asks for sugar coffee in the morning so he can 'wake up', and because that is what army guys drink.
He has a funny thing for arms, and uses them like some kids use their favorite toy or blankie. It gets super annoying when he comes and gets in our bed at night and I feel his hand searching for my arm. He also prefers his arms cold. Sometimes he'll  ask if he can feel the other one because this one is too warm. I feel it might only be fair to warn his future wife. It really disrupts your sleep.

He is a bit of a Cassanova. Especially if a girl is showing her arms.

He likes a little girl at swim lessons. I can't blame him. She's small, cute, has big brown eyes, and dark strawberry blonde hair pulled up in a little pony tail. And she is sweet.

A few weeks ago they were coloring pages, waiting for their turns. Cyprian just stopped and stood there, looking at her. Kind of gazing into her face. Then he reached out and touched her cheek and said,

"But, um, I just love you."

He waited for her reply. Which was,

"If I remember your name when I get home, I'll write it on my friends list."

Which here mom told me later, was an honor. I don't know if she remembered.

Then last week he gave her a quarter. She was pretty impressed and went to show her mom, who I think pointed out that its not OK to accept money from a young man. Just flowers and chocolates.She gave it back and Pippin was not too crushed. I don't know what he has in mind for today, but I should probably prep him first.

And being a boy, he likes dirt, animals, and chasing. And chasing animals. He gets lots of opportunity on horse lesson days as the teacher also has chickens, geese, and a cat.
He actually shouted "I'm chasing a goose!" as he ran around the yard grinning.

The goose usually takes refuge on the other side of the  fence.
He likes to help collect the dishes from the horse stalls, and last time said he was finally getting a "horse lesson" because he got to brush one of the horses.

We went shopping for show outfits. Pippin was really sad we were not getting a hat for him.

But then we found a pair of camoflauge rain boots. And all was well in the world.

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