Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Chefs

The kids have been wanting to come to "cooking lessons" . Grandma Trudy and I have been taking a few here and there and its been really fun. But not necessarily geared towards kids. Of course I knew Kateri would love seeing the big kitchen and watching the chefs cook. And trying the wine. So we'd been looking for a good one and a pizza class came up. And of course the other kids were interested too. I left Pippin with Grandma and they went shopping and had lunch.
I"m not sure if Audrey is taking notes, or drawing a horse.
Before class we shopped. Cyril found a chef's hat, which was adjustable. Unfortuantely they only had adults shirts, but I'll have to keep looking, or just make one. He asked afterwards if he could come to more classes.
Finally a hat to accomodate ALL of Kateri's hair. I would have bought it just for that feature.
Audrey had to try on everything before settling on the apron.
And in the end Kateri did too. I thought it was a good choice.

The cooking class was a success. All the pizzas were meatless so it was nice to get you thinking of Lenten dishes. I really liked the pear and gorgonzola on whole wheat tortilla. Cyril liked the four cheese. But the broccoli pesto was great too.
The owner/chef and her husband, who runs the wine side, are really nice. It was a school day at 1:00 and she asked if the kids were on vacation. I told her we homeschooled. And today was our home ec class. She thought that was great. They are a really nice couple. And I'm not just saying that because they cook me yummy food and pour me wine.

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