Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking Down the Tree

I decided, last week, that it was finally time to take down the tree. Given that Lent is upon us, it just didn't seem right to mix the two seasons. The kids were very sad and the ones who did not approve didn't take part in the trimming of the branches. But Kateri and Pippin had fun.
It was a work day and it was a really big tree. So I did not feel comfortable with just hefting it out the back door intact. But I figured if we severed the big lower branches, it would be manageable. Of course I could not find the big clippers so had to use a hand saw instead. Kateri liked helping with that part.

Once I got it outside Kateri and Pippin dragged it off into the woods. Where the kids later made a fort with it.

Kateri was super excited to have so many needles to vacuum up. Cyprian enjoyed hand feeding them into the hose.
 For Christmas Kateri wanted two things: a new baby doll with a high chair, and a vacuum like Grandma's. (Was that three things?)

Grandma found this little vacuum for her and it is perfect. We decided her daily chore would be to keep  the kitchen and eating area "swept". She would run the batteries out every day-its rechargeable-and though its not as thorough as a broom, it gets most of the dirt and our floors are looking cleaner. Sometimes she is not in a cleaning mood. The other day Shane told her the stairs were needing some attention and suggested she clean them. She looked at him and said,

"Well, I told Mom she could use my vacuum whenever she wanted."

When we were all done, Kateri decided to try on the tree skirt. All she needs now it a star on top.

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