Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hallmark of a Homeschooler

I stopped by QFC on my way home from a hair appointment. It was nice to shop alone . But I'm so used to being inquisitioned until I don't even know what I came for, that I was still able to forget some of the items I had stopped to pick up.

At the checkout the nice lady we see quite often, asked where the kids were. I said they were at home with Auntie.

"You homeschool, right?"

"Yes, we do."

"I can always tell when kids are homeschooled. My roommate's brother was homeschooled, and it just shows."

I wondered what the give away was. Cyril did go through that phase of tucking all his shirts in. Including sweatshirts. And Kateri's hair usually looks unkepmt. But she has really crazy hair. Their shoes usually match, and they don't wear tennis shoes. Cyril does get holes in his knees often, but I just got him 6 new pairs of jeans. They usually interact and converse with the baggers, so I think they come off as socially adept.

The lady smiled,

"They are always so nice. Like my roommate's brother. He's 21 now, and he's just the nicest kid. They just seem like realy great kids."

I was glad that was her impression of homeschooled kids. Hopfully I won't ruin that for her. I did cut Cyril's hair and we've been working on Kateri's. And Cyril's sweatsuit doesn't fit anymore. I think we're ok.

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