Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let it Snow

Well, not really snow. Not with our very clement weather. However, I did want to introduce, if you have not already discovered them, Trader Joe's Snowmen Cookies.
They are super tasty, super cute, nice and buttery goodness. And they come in a really cute box that I am saving for putting special things in. It was too cute to throw away after I, I mean We, ate all the cokies. I was a little bummed that I did not find them until the end of the season. I went back the next week and they were gone, not to return until next December. I even asked and the guy suggested the Windmill cookies  as a substitute. They were not the same at all.

So I was really happy and surprised when Shane walked in from work bearing the colorful box. He had stopped at the Samammish Trader Joe's and found one. Along with some black truffle flat bread and other tasty treats. I put them in the pantry to save for after dinner and he went out to get the other bag of groceries. Which contained this:

Minus the three kids. He said he couldn't fit any more in his basket. I pointed out they do have carts there. But I suppose its good not to be too greedy.
We were all pretty happy. Plus he picked up some dark chocolate covered pomegranite seeds. He definitely knows the way to my heart. Maybe they can last until December. Or maybe just until Lent starts.
Anyway, if you can find the Snowmen, I highly recommend picking some up. If not, drop me a note. We're always up for a tea party. Or coffee. Regular, or decaf.

Speaking of other tasty things, we were, weren't we? This morning I had to get Audrey up early to finish her math and kitchen chore. I thought that would be more memorable than stay up  past bed time to do it. Mondays are a little busy. But I convinced her to jump out of bed for Dutch Babies. My kids love them- except Kateri- and since they are basically scrambled eggs with lots of butter and sugar, its  nice way to give them protein in the morning. They are really tasty with powdered sugar and some lemon.

Dutch Babies 1 8x8 pan- I double this for a 9x13

Place 1/2 stick butter in glass pan. Put in oven to preheat to 425.

While butter is melting beat with a mixer or in blender
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup flour
3 eggs

When batter is smooth and slighty fluffy, pour into pan and bake for 10-12 min.

A big pan serves us for breakfast, plus a snack after lunch for me.

After I loaded the pictures this morning I found lots of these:

What? I didn't mention  we have yet another critter to feed?
This one is an eyelashed-crested-gecko. Her name is Dawn, named after the nice lady at the pet store who sold her to us. We bought her the day the kids found their leopard gecko had expired. It really helped to distract them and after the funeral they hardly cried. Maybe its getting to be old hat. This kind is supposed to be hardier. I have to say she is a little cuter and since she is super sticky, a little more fun to watch play around. However she does jump and we have had a few scares thinking we lost her. Which is why the kids are not supposed to take her out of the cage. Which they obviously did for this photo shoot. And video.

And of course you cannot house them with the other gecko, the one that has not died yet, so Shane picked out a nice fancy cage and all kinds of ornamentations for her. I'll put a picture up of our reptilian zoo, which used to be Cyril's bedroom.  After I clean out the cages.

As for my spellcheck, a nice lady gave me some advice. However  we don't useGoogle or Chrome, I would be so excommunicated. But I'm sure IE has it. I'll just have to ask Shane. I do like the nice pictures on Bing. Its fun to try and figure out where they before I click to find out. So hopefully, the misspellings will end soon.

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