Friday, January 8, 2010

Then and Now

I was reflecting back on the last year, especially as it pertained to kids and school and Cyril, and I was amazed at how different things are this year. We were sitting down doing phonogram dictation, after we'd already finished math, and there he was getting 100%, sitting nicely in his chair, holding his pencil properly, and being 100% cooperative. That last one was the major accomplishment. I think just being really "ready" made a huge difference. I remember last year most of our attempts would end in tears, sometimes for both of us. We made very little progress. This year, he is cruising through the lessons, retaining everything, and it is actually very enjoyable. Although he still likes math better. It is very wonderful to have thought this day would never come and, and now here it is.  He's growing up. And not just acedemically. I've been thinking more about the next 9 years and what we want to have accomplished and be working on by then. I think the recent progress and the new routines- more about that later- have given us the knowledge that the sky's the limit. I'm excited to take on the New Year, with all our Resolutions, and to enjoy all the opportunities it affords. I will write down what we are doing, but on of my resolutions is to get the kids up early and now is the time.
Iguana cake by Grandma Trudy. We passed on the live ones though Cyril was willing to give up his entire room for its habitat. We got him to go with a remote controlled helicopter instead.
Biting off way more than he can chew. He loves seafood, but even this was way too much. The rest will be dinner for him tonight. And the other kids as well.

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