Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Days

My mom went to Gettysburg a couple weeks ago and brought back bonnets for the girls. They were pretty excited to "Laura and Mary hats". Cyprian thought one was for him, but not too sad when I told him the hidden object cylinder was for him. But he still wore Kateri's hat all the way home.

I've been fighting off a cold for a couple days. With the aid of Zicam and chicken soup, I am doing well. And so far my efforts to keep it from the kids is working. I am so relieved and determined to stay vigilant in the war on bugs. We are leaving for Palau in a little over a week and I hate thought of the kids being sick, and I am sure Shane and I will be able to enjoy the wind and sun much better without head colds.

This soup was courtesy of Cooks Illustrated. It was very tasty, especially with some french bread and butter, no we are obviously not doing the strict fast this lent. With little kids and Shane's exercise regimen, it just wasn't feasible this year. I am actually enjoying, and thinking of making more permanent, the no treats, no movies, no computer-for the kids-fast. Although i admit when I was first feeling coldish, the thought of resting on the couch while the kids watched Ratatouille sounded very tempting. But we persevered and got through it.

The recipe actually called for sauteing ground chicken, extracting all the flavor from the meat and vegetables for the stock, and then straining it and adding fresh chicken pieces and more vegetables. QFC was out of ground chicken so I just chopped up chicken legs and used those. Besides that way you can get some of the marrow and cartilage in the stock.

Kateri had to make something new and there just happened to be a recipe for blueberry muffins in Cooks Illustrated. Very Best Blueberry Muffins, to be exact. And as I had some frozen berries we picked out that recipe for Saturday morning. She was so excited she woke up early and got dressed by herself because of it.

She zested the lemon herself. We all thought they were yummy. She, apparently, liked the process more than the eating them. We haven't picked out our next recipe. I sort of stuck on the chicken soup.

The other day, I was doing something with the little kids, and I realized I had not seen or heard the big kids for over an hour. If it had been Pippin and Kateri I would have been worried. But I went upstairs just to see and found Audrey and Cyril in the middle of creating a doll house, complete with furniture,

a garbage can,

a desk with laptop and documents

a chandelier, bookshelves and books, and even stairs. The room on the left is Audrey's the one on the right, Cyril's. For some reason his room also has the stove and little frying pan cut out of cardboard and covered in duct tape. Audrey made a little safe and hid it in the underpart of her chair.
I'm thinking some of the financial states are getting through to them. Several of their books have titles like "Boom, Bills Are Dead" and "Bills, too Much Money". I didn't tell them the current news of the government aka taxpayers propping up the automotive industry. I wasn't sure if they could handle it.

I was really pleased they were being so creative and co-operative. This was a book I had when I was young. It was from the 'Bookshelf for Boys and Girls'. I actually found and bought my own set when I was 12 or 13, thinking someday I hope my kids can enjoy these. volume 5, I think, "Things to make and do" was my favorite. My brother Damien and I spend hours doing the art projects. But I loved making the doll furniture out of cupcake holders and match boxes. And cardborad boxes. It was satisfying to see the kids using boxes, ductape, sticks, and even champagne nets- on the chandlier. Who needs Plastics R Us.

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