Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dress Up

So I've decided to hire a personal shopper. Well, actually she hired herself. And I'd have to say I am really pleased. And actually, she's my mother in law. The pictures are not the greatest but they'll have to do for now. My allergies were disruptive enough this morning as to persuade me to take a Bendryl, so I'm feeling a little sleepy and slow this morning. Usually it only last the first hour and if I make it through that I'm fine. So far so good.
Here is a little sarong-wrap thingy she found for me. Nice because size it not so crucial. I actually picked out the bathing suit myself, with Shane seconding it. Its great because there is nothing fussy, no wandering straps that wont say up, no uncomfortable wires of boning to poke you. I wanted something I could wear all day and not worry about anything. And this is it. Notice the imperfection-camouflaging pattern of the fabric. And the fabric is really thick and supportive. And I won't model it until I've been doing the ab workout for at least one month.

I was really surprised with this dress. Trudy found it at the thrift store for $3.99. It's hard to find fitted things for me when I am shopping, but not even trying it on first and having it fit is amazing. But this one couldn't fit better if I had made it myself. And actually , might have fit worse.

This ones a little blurry, but you can see the style better.

And she also sent me some links to sundresses she found online. Yes, she makes cakes, flower arrangements, fabulous food and does personal shopping. And yes, I know how fortunate of a daughter-in-law I am.
Which reminds me, a little heads up, but she is in the process of putting together a website where she will share all her party ideas, decorating, wedding planning, cake decorating, cooking, etc. It will be a wealth of information and of course with fabulous pictures and delicious recipes and beautiful presentations. I'm super excited and will keep you updated on its progress. Also, I had Courtney's old link, but I've fixed it and now have her new one, so if you want some Seattle style and fashion tips and ideas, take a look at her site.
I'm thinking it might be time for coffee #2. Only another 30 min to go until I should be out of the sleepy zone.

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Tirzah said...

CUTE dress! Shane had better beef up on his workouts before he takes his tiny hot wife on a boat full of kite boarders :)