Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nothing Terribly New

New shoes. Trudy kept the kids overnight and Shane had the day off. So we decided to go downtown and visit Courtney and do some shopping. I don't really enjoy shopping. Mostly because its hard to find things I like, that fit, and are not too expensive. Shopping with Shane is a little different. He has more varied tastes, thinks everything looks cute, and if you can't decide which, says get both. So I usually come home with something if he's there. It was also really nice to not have the four kids crowded into the changing room with me as well. I found these shoes at REI and thought they were cute. And comfortable. And I actually needed some summer shoes. And they were about the same price as the tank top at Courtney's store.

A new recipe, French Onion soup from cooks Illustrated. I think I got the proportions wrong. I made my own chicken stock but I think it needed to be diluted. And I think I used too many onions as well. It was a neat recipe where you roast the sliced onions for two hours in the oven and then on the stove top, de-glazing it 3-4 times with stock. and then dry sherry, which I was out of. That would have cut the richness a bit. I tried cutting it with half and half. It was still too much for me to have much of. Shane ate it but said he's fine if I don't make it again. A new snowfall. In March. We have had very strange weather. The nights have been very cold and then we woke up to snow and hail throughout the day on Monday. The kids were excited. I was sort of bummed to be pulling out all the snow gear again. I'm ready for Spring. I actually did some "gardening" a few weeks ago, on a nice sunny day. Actually, I just stuck all the potted plants we bought last year and never put in because I hadn't figured out where I wanted them to be. I figured if they live where I stuck them, great. If not I'll have to come up with a new planting scheme. And plants. I only had rosemary and lavender, and the kids strawberries. They look kind of sad right now. But if they perk up grow, I'll take a picture.

A new look for Pippin. We went to Richland the other week-end to visit Gran and Great Aunt Adele. WE had nice visits with both and even got to play with the cousins for a little bit at the park. For dinner that night, we went to Anthony's and had some tasty mahi-mahi and crab. Cyril got the crab. We had a very nice waiter, Larry, who suggested ways to get Cyril some warm crab with butter without having to order him a whole Dungeness. He was very friendly and helpful and took it in stride when Pippin announced to him,

"We are going to da hotel and go swimmeeen, but you tan't 'cause you have to stay at da westwant."

Towards the end of dinner I noticed Pippin's eye looking a little swollen. I was afraid he was re-acting to the seafood. Last lent we had two episodes where he ate crab/shrimp, and then threw up. We quickly finished and ran back to the hotel, where I had luckily packed the Benadryl. However, in a couple hours, it was clear that instead of allergies, he had Kateri's eye infection. Luckily, I had brought her eye drops and started him on them as well. And when we got home we went right to the walk in to get a re-fill. Actually, Pippin and I sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hrs, while Shane and the other kids continued on down the road to Grandmas for dinner. We were both starving by the time we finally got done and were able to eat too. But I got the refill and now everyone is well.

It was kind of cute to see his eye all puffy. The Doctor said eye infections always make the kids look so pitiful. That coupled with Pippin's meek little voice makes for a pathetic little boy.

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