Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

This photo was from a couple weeks ago, but I thought the green would look nice for today. I went to check on Kateri after lights out, and found her asleep, wearing these. I'm not sure what they were all about, but I thought it was cute. Boys are so creative, especially when it comes to weapons. A stick becomes a sword, a pine cone a grenade, and in this case a toy pan, a rubber band, and pencil, become a "shooter" I especially liked the scope he made using my milk frother attachment.

This morning I came into the kitchen and found this. Audrey and Cyril had done his phonogram dictation and were moving on to his reading lesson. Cyril said he prefers Audrey's teaching methods.
"She knows how to calm me down. And I only got four wrong."

His reading time improved from 15 to 10 min as well. It was cute to see Audrey reading the manual and setting up the lessons. I think its good for her too to reinforce what she learned. And she likes teaching. Maybe I'll get her started on the younger kids soon too.

We had dinner at Shane's parents' house on Sunday. When it was time to leave we could not find Cyril's shoes anywhere. After 30 min I said we needed to leave. It was late and the kids needed to get to bed- Kateri had already fallen sleep under the dining room table-so we left without the shoes.
The next morning , while I was on the phone with Trudy, I interrogated Kateri. She was the only one unavailable for questioning the night before. She sat up in bed and looked like she was thinking, then said with an 'I'm not certain of this' look on her face,
"I think I saw someone put them in that thing. I don't know whats it called. You know that thing by the door?"
"You mean in the hall tree? The little lid you lift up?"
"No, not that. I mean like that little door. With the vacuum things. I think maybe they put them in there."
Trudy moved the boxes blocking the door and opened the front hall closet. And there were Cyril's shoes. I could just picture her carefully moving all the boxes, stashing the shoes, putting the boxes back, and going to lie under the table, where she fell asleep.
And then Kateri, realizing the shoe's had been found, revealed the true motive behind her master plan,
"Now we can go to Grandma's?"

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