Sunday, March 15, 2009

Black Holes

Ok. Only one black hole. But apparently one is enough for concern.
I had my annual MRI on Friday. The imaging place was super efficient this time and actually had me stop filling out paper work so they could get me in the machine sooner. And the doctors office scheduled us right afterwards so we didn't have the time in between where we usually go out to lunch. But we did get coffee on the way in and had lunch afterwards so it all worked out.

So the bad news. The neuroligst didn't like the look of my scans, but to each his own, I say. Not too much new activity and he thought the areas of activity could have been worse. Most of the spots are in the area of the brain that affect your thinking, as opposed to areas that involve your mobility. So I can walk and talk. I just may not make much sense. not sure which is better. One are has "gone dark" meaning the damage is deep enough to cause fluid build up- the water on the brain he mentioned last year-and it shows up like a black spot on the scans. As he pointed out, clinically I look great- I did get my hair done recently-but he is concerned about any more activity and thinks it is time to change my medication. Which we are not thrilled about. I have been on Copaxone off and on the last 5 years and aside from a daily poke and the build up of scar tissue in various sites- Shane tried to make me feel better by saying "at least you weren't a model and had to give up your career" He has such a way with words. But really, it was not a big deal and as I could take it while nursing, it was not too much of a disruption to how we like to live.
However, the new drug, is an iterferon and does come with some side effects and warnings, possible liver damage, suicidal thoughts, flu like symptoms and a host of other pleasantries. And possibly no alcohol or other things that tax the liver. And you have to get you liver enzymes minitored every three months. I'm not sure if I'm more apprehensive about those or the fact that is made from a human protien which they get from plasma. Human plasma. And I think somehow a chinese monkey ovum might be involved. That last bit sounds funny. But its true. Or at least something close to the truth. As is the name they use for their little injector. Copaxone has one called the "Autoject". Which sounds like what it is. A little spring loaded contraption that shoots the needle into you so you don't have to manually stab yourself. Well we were driving back from lunch and I was reading over the "welcome" package from Rebif and found their version is called, I am not making this up, the "Rebiject". Immediately, Shane and I came up with the various ways we could use the word, like how when I the last one chosen on the soccer field, I felt "rebijected." Don't people think of these things when they make up names? maybe they are just no imaginative enough. I thought Rebif was silly enough. It makes me think of the Narnia books: Reepicheep felt rebijected when he lost his tail. OK maybe its getting silly. But Shane, always looking on the bright side, pointed out we never would have learned the word if we hadn't gotten the packet. I guess I'm not feeling like I have gotten enough mileage from it to tip the scales yet. And I'm not convinced that is the way I'm going to go. There are other interferons, but they are all basically made the same way. One drug site boasted that mad cow has never been found to be transmitted from albium. That does make me feel much safer.
So I told the dr. Id think about it for a few months, take a vacation to Palau with Shane, and get back to him. Or I may choose secret option #4 and come back from vacation pregnant. Then I could put switching drugs on hold until after the new one was weaned. They need to come up with a drug that makes your body act like you are in your third trimester all the time. Minus the burgeoning belly. But if the Rebif is basically morning sickness, might as well get the real protective and natural benefits of being pregnant.
Oh, and on the way home we stopped and I finally found an acceptable bathing suit. But Shane was with me again and as I said, I usually come home with something if he's there. And I discovered, a patterned fabric can hid a multitude of whatevers, whereas a solid is a blank canvas just waiting to show off your evey irregularity. And its a two piece so it could work for maternity wear too.
Thats all our news here. Time to get the kids up and ready for liturgy. Have fun with "rebiject" and let me know what you come up with. We can all always use a laugh.

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