Thursday, July 31, 2008


It has been chilly, drizzly, and gray today. A perfect soup day. I have a new recipe for tomato soup which uses bread instead of cream for consistency. I'd love to try it but my blender is no more. But it got me thinking and instead I made the Chile con Queso from The Surrogate Hostess. Which used to exist on Capitol Hill across from St Joe's. It had the tasties soups and treats and I think every dish had real butter for the second ingredients. The others had it as the first. Needless to say, the food was awesome. Very sad to say it is no longer with us. However, some of the recipes were shared and have become the staples of some family get togethers.

As I was making the soup, the smell instantly tranported me to my aunt and uncles big blue house. Which was conveniently located just up the street from the restaurant. Especially I remembered the Day After Christmas Party. We would all get together for the Day After Christmas Party- because there were just too many of us to get together on the actual day. There would be old friends, teachers, and even some relatives there that you only saw at the Day After Christmas Party. It was a huge house and my uncle always got the biggest tree he could and it felt like the party in the Nutcracker- old, festive, and Christmas. And somewhere in the large kitchen was a crock pot keeping warm and speading the steamy aroma of Chile con Queso.

The Blue House is sold. The parties continue at the new house, although I haven't been in years. I'm not sure which of the friends, teachers, or even relatives still go.It is sort of funny because I don't know when I even started trying the soup. I am sure not when I too youg. But still that is was I associate it with. And its a very good memory. And good soup too.

Chile con Queso

Saute 1 med onion. chopped
Add 4 cans crushed tomatoe
1 can green chiles- mild diced
2 cups chicken stock

Simmer 10 -15
Stir in 80z cream cheese in spoonfuls.

Good with corn chips or french bread. With butter of course.

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