Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July and Border Days

For the Fourth we decided to take a 7 1/2 hr car trip to Grangeville, ID. Not just for the ride but to see Shane's sister and family. Although I do like car trips with Shane. He loaded up his Zune with some good music, we packed up the truck and away we ennt. I love that Shane will sing with abandon along to any song, regardless of key, range, or even words. Seriously. I love it. And it makes the miles go by a little faster. That and his running commentaries on the other drivers and what they are doing wrong and why can't people here drive like th people in Montana, where people really know how to drive.

We had a fantastic time and I think I experienced the most exhilirating, hysterical, and terrifying times in my life. And it was all at the same time. There was a carnival set up, pretty much in his sister's back yard, and the kids had a fabulous time enjoying unlimited thrills and fun. At first I was a little concerned at the seemingly cavalier attitude the ride operators exhibited toward safety. Like when one of them lit of fireworks and threw them under the Scrambler cars as it was running. With mykids on it. But I felt better when they shut down the ferris wheel for a little while. To stabalize the supports. I was glad they were on top of that. They must have missed something else though because later the ferris wheel would not stop. Kids were stuck on it as it went round and round, and were calling their parents from their cel phones. It did made it a little more exciting to wonder as you apple car is spinning, if you might not just spin off the ride and go bowling into the crowds.

But the best ride was being run by a separate group, which made me much more comfortable, but still scared. I didn't go on it personally, but watching your kids skyrocket into the air flipping and bouncing all over was enough. Kateri saw what they were doing and there was no holding her back. I was a litttle concerned because the harness didn't seem too snug on her and when the attendant helped her do a backflip I could see it was not super tight around her middle. But Kateri was content to just fly up and down. More than content.

They would pull on the lines as she came down so she would slingshot up 25+ feet in the air screaming like a whistling Pete, while my heart dropped into my stomach. I expected her to slip out and go flying, maybe into one of the still running ferris wheel cars. She descended laughing hysterically and calling out, "Higher, higher". In a short time we had a crowd gathered around clapping and cheering her on. I'm thinking we should have charged for the show. I was very bummed the camera did not have enough battery power to take a video. But at least we got a picture. I won't be too suprised when she announces her desire to go skydiving for her 5th birthday.
And here she is on the slide. I had to go on it with Pippin and was a little scared. By the rickety stairs. Kateri thought it was great and when she got to the bottom waisted no time in picking up her blanket and charging back up the steps. I thought we'd never get her off but eventually she agreed to try the swings.
Pippin enjoying a cold drink in the park.. Cyril, Azriel, and Jonah

Grandma and Grandpa with the Posse. All the grand kids except Elijah who was napping.
On the way home form the parade I saw and liked this stores advertisments- "Guns, Tools, Ammo- Household Items". I like Idaho.

I think Pippin was out of ammo.

Ready for take off. No fear here.

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