Monday, July 14, 2008

Jetty Days

The wind gods promised a good forcast this week-end so we headed up to Jetty on Saturday. Well the wind gods lied and though there was some kiting there was also the sound of kites falling out of the sky and hitting the water with a big thud. And everytime you hoped no one got hit. Sometimes it gets a little nerve wracking. Kids and kites can be a little scary. And add to that some of the newer kiters still learning how to control fully powered 12 meter kites with lines of death attached to them and I feel less than comfortable.

Well, the wind not being so great, Shane spending more time on the beach because of it, and the warm sun feeling warmer, also because of it, we all had a great time and I forgot some of the reasons I promised myself I wouldn't go back because of. The bathroom being one. There is only one and its on the floating dock 1/4 mile from where we camp. Last time Shane told me to just find a tree. But with so many other islanders, I didn't feel comfortable. So I trudged off on the path to the toilet. But they cut some new paths and I ended up on the wrong one, got lost, couldn't wait, and finally found a thirsty bush and took Shane's advice.

Not so bad. But then Kateri pooped. Being confused about not having a toilet nearby, she paniced too and just went without saying anything. In her bathing suit. So I secretly transferred the contents form her suit to a clean diaper and put it wrapped up in our garbage bag. Which we had to haul around with us in the heat and on the ferry for several hours. I didn't want to draw attention to it by apologizing to the other passengers. So I didn't.

Could have been worse. Then Pippin pooped. He only had on swim shorts-without lining- and while I was gone to exchange out return tickets, Shane said he was hiding and quiet behind his kite for awhile- Pippin was- and when Shane went to check on him, .....yes that's what he was doing. Shane picked him up, shook out the remains, converted the kids sand shovel into a pooper scooper and once again, we boarded the ferry with a bag o' poop. I'm wondering when they will stop letting us on.

We didn't take any chances so yesterday, because the wind not being so good the day before and me forgetting everything, we went again, but we took Shane's boat. Which is great except we can't all fit in it at once with all the gear so we have to make a couple trips. But it beats rowin the barge he had last year and we can come and go whenever we want, and no one can kick us off. So after Liturgy we packed up, ate a big lunch and headed out.

The wind was better- good for Shane- and the wind was better- not so good for us sitting on the shore in beach gear. After awhile Audrey wrapped herself up in a towel and cocooned behind some big logs with her Nancy Drew book. Peeking out ocassionally to ask when we were going home. Kateri was soaking and cold so I took off her suit but couldn't find her dress and had to give her my t-shirt. Which meant I was in my suit and shorts shivering in the wind. She said it was just like a dress and it fit her so well , so she should keep it.

I decided on Saturday , to not try and video Shane kiting, and the regular camera doesn't get good pictures that far away, so I focused on just exploring with the kids.
Cyril -looking pretty cool in his wet suit.

Cyprian relaxing. He asked if I could take his pants off so he could be "Cootie, so I can be cozy".
We went farther up the beach where it was slightly less populated with kites. Cyril found a peice of wood shaped like a cell phone. Unfortunately, he had to take this call just as I took the picture.

Cyprian- working hard to cut down a fallen tree with a stick.

With less wind, there is more Papa time.

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