Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have a problem

And no, its not related to the above picture, unless you consider that we don't have any to go with dinner tonight to be a problem. Ok I have two problems. But since we're here I'll intoduce you to our new "special ocassion wine" first. So far we consider any night we open a bottle a special ocassion. So that's good. Shane just picked it out to try and we both loved it. It smells- do they call that the nose?- coconutty and rich. It tasted slighty coconutty as well, and after awhile it got better with hints of nutmeg and vanilla. Like a new crush victim, I could go on ,but for now I will just say we both highly recommend this wine. It was $24.99 at QFC- another reason it is a special occassion wine. Shane, Cyril, and Grandpa Ron went hiking this week-end. It was Cyril's first time and he was so excited going to REI with Shane to pick out his gear. They had a great time, got an acceptable amount of mosquito bites, and no major mishaps. Shane said the majority of the camp-site time was spent trying to dry Cyril's pants and shoes. Cyril didn't mind and played barefoot in the snow.
On the way home Grandpa asked Cyril what his favorite thing about camping was. After a long pause Cyril responded,

"What? Who are you talking to , Grandpa?"

"You, Cyril. What was your favoriet thing?"

"Hmmmm. Probably sharks" Cyril answered.

When I asked Cyril what his favorite thing about the week-end was, he said the frogs.

I think Trudy has a similar picture of Shane standing by the water on one of their hikes. Ron said watching Shane and Cyril it could have been him and Shane.

And my problem will have to wait until later because it is lunch time now and the natives are restless.

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