Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here's How It Began

With this little window. I'd been wanting to put something up but after my failed attempts to leave my real number with the window guy, I'd given up thinking about it. But finally, I found a little spring rod, dug up some old shades, hemmed them and- ta da. I was really pleased. And even though it was the smallest window in our bedroom, it still made the room feel cozier. Partly because this window faces the neighbors yard and I think it made it feel more private. Shane was very pleased and as we were getting in bed he remarked,

"I know guys aren't really supposed to care about those kind of things, but I really , really like it."

So I kept the momentum going today and threw up a curtain in the sitting room. It's not what we'll keep, but for now it makes the space nicer. And then Shane felt inspired- by two little curtains- to re-arrange the sitting room, move the desk, and get a lamp for it.

I found some drapes for Cyril's room- after many trips and some of them ending in tears. Not just the kids either. I decided just trimming and hemming up the little curtains, I did not want to invest any time making curtains myself. And because the rods are small, I needed something light weight. Which most store bought curtains are. And I also did not want to mess with lining. I could just picture it. I still need some for Kateri's room and then I may start on the bonus room. It is kind of freeing just using tension rods and cheap drapes. I can pick what I want and not worry about being stuck with it for years. Installing shades would be far too much commitment for me. And plantation shutters at $400 a window, would be just too much anything. I will have to hem Cyril's curtains, so I can feel like I made some effort. Aside from dragging four kids to three different stores and making it home with all of them. I'm pleased and am looking forward to seeing what I feel inspired to do tomorrow. Although, given that I came down with a bad cold today, i may be inspired to sit in the sitting room and drink tea. But I can still plan.

My friend, who I've known since birth, got married on Sunday. The wedding was at a neat place called The Kitchen Farm in Paulsbo. We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and took a ferry over by ourselves. It was very nice, with the exception of the weather- good luck, right? Luckily, it did hold for the ceremony and only after most everyone was under the tent did it start to rain. But the flowers, the ceremony, and of course the bride, were beautiful and I was glad we were there to witness such a lovely occasion.

I discovered how great wraps are. Coats can be too bulky and hard to move in. But I got a wrap and it was great to be able to wear it, drape it, or just hold it when I wanted it. I am thinking I might like to get some more. Shane said it was a cute accessory. But I might want some warmer ones. I still had to borrow Shane's coat.

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