Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kids Projects

The kids have been stydying rocks and crystals and all kinds of stuff. Cyril is working on his rock/fossil collections and in one of the books Shane got for him he came across the cyrstal growing project. He and Audrey were very excited to mix up the solutions and suspend the little paper clip in the glass. They were not entirely excited with how long it took to actually grow them. Cyril uses salt in his and was rewarded with a really neat cube crystal, which was sturdy enough to move to his rock collection case when it was done.

Unfortunately, Audrey tried sugar crystals and by the end only had some fuzz at the bottom of the cup. They are trying it again, both using epsom salts this time. Which, the book says, are the fastest growing kind. We'll see.

Take Two.

I found this collection in my freezer. Cyril is always making potions and experiments. And as he can't cook them, he freezes them. Most of them I just toss in the sink so I can have my cup back. But this one I thought was pretty artistic. Audrey says she helped make it. I like all the action-the leaping eel and the diving shark. I thought it was quite good.

When global warming hit, we found all kinds of animal parts- fake of course. And a hot dog.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny. And here I thought my kids were the only ones who were constantly putting liquid experiments in my freezer. I love the artistic nature of the Cyril/Audrey experiment. I haven't had one quite like that yet. I wonder if I should show them the pictures? :-) ~Kimberly B.

Tirzah said...

Quick, someone alert Al Gore about that shark's distress! All I can say is, I love Cyril.