Monday, August 25, 2008

Living Room- Take 503

So, I've still not quite settled on an arrangement for our living room. Every so often I get uncomfortable enough with it as to start moving furniture. It is sort of unique in that it has an angled wall and a hallway that I don't want to crowd. So for now I am liking the new set up, but I am thinking it might be better if I swapped the roll-back couch for two arm chairs. I don't like it when it feels too closed off or only has one entry point. Because then we never use it. And then I could always put the couch in the "formal" living room, which is still empty and is basically a big wrestling ring. But every time I think about it I think " where would the kids rough house or do ballet shows?" and I don't have an answer so the room just sits empty.
But with our "Ladies of Maderas" get togethers, its been inspiring to see the other homes decorated and get ideas of what I might like. Which is difficult becuase I'm not especially clever when it comes to decorating, and I actually don't know what I like and sometimes have to go through lots of arrangements and even couches until I find the right one. But so far I'm happy with this room. I went to load the pictures and couldn't find the camera. Kateri told me " It's in the cupboard. The one with the tracing paper" which is the art cupboard- not the camera cupboard. I found the following incriminting pictures on the card as well.
Evidence the kids were in the library without parental supervision- not ok.
The kids removing the couch cushions- also not ok.
To make a fort- which is ok. Just not with couch cushions.

And of course there is the fact she had the camera in the first place.

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